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SecureForm services can also be an upgrade/add-on for customers with existing Email Hosting or Web Hosting accounts.

Feature Shared Dedicated
Security & privacy
For custom enterprise environments, you get to choose the security features that you want included.
Performance & reliability
Shared secure-form processing uses our redundant, load-balanced array of SecureForm procssing servers; however, your hosted databases and such are located on a shared server. For dedicated servers, you get to size the server to match your performance requirements. For custom enterprise environments, you get to choose the reliability features that you want included.
HIPAA Compliance Available?
HIPAA compliance is available for all SecureForm accounts except the 3-form shared options.
PDF Hosting
PDFs are hosted in Amazon AWS and are made available through Amazon CloudFront.
PDF & HTML Templates
Ink Signatures
Secure Email via SecureLineTM
All Integrations
USA USA or Custom
LuxSci's services are provided on servers located in USA-based data centers.

*Business Class dedicated servers can be provisioned in data centers around the world if requested by the customer. There may be an additional setup fee for a non-standard location.

Multiple layers of firewalls

Enterprise class servers and Business Class servers enjoy software firewalls and network firewalls.

Backups included?
Standard backups of your server data are included. These include 7 daily on-site backups and 4 weekly off-site backups.
Full-disk Encryption
Dedicated SecureFormTM Processing?
Dedicated SecureForm Processing requires a dedicated server with Private Labeling.

When ordering shared SecureForm services, SecureForms are processed through a shared Enterprise Class cluster and your data is saved on a shared Business Class or Enterprise Class server.

Dedicated solutions are ideal for isolating both your data and the processing of your data from everyone else. Dedicated SecureForm Processing servers require servers with a minimum of 2 CPU cores and 4 GB of memory.

Custom backup/retention Schedules?
Dedicated server customers can choose custom backup frequencies and retention schedules; this may come with an additional cost. Contact sales for more information.
Account isolation: No other LuxSci customers have access to your server. No shared servers.
In a shared solution, many 100s or 1000s of separate customers share the same server. Security replies on logical and software partitioning of access and resources. Shared solutions are inherently less secure, have less consistent performance, but are less expensive. Dedicated servers are recommended for when security and consistent performance are important.
Server isolation: All servers running on the same hardware belong to LuxSci. No public cloud servers.
In the Business Class environment, your server is in a Public Cloud. This means that other servers running on the same underlying hardware (hypervisor) may be owned by organizations unrelated to LuxSci. This provides some security risk compared to use of LuxSci's Private Cloud Enterprise Class environment, where LuxSci owns the underlying hardware and is in control of all servers running on it. Additionally, the Business Class environment may have less consistent performance due to the possibility of "noisy neighbor" servers outside of LuxSci's control.
Ultra-reliable: proof against hardware failure
Enterprise Class servers are virtual machines that run on a redundant VMWare cluster. If one of the underlying hypervisors should have a hardware issue, all servers running on it are immediately rebooted on another hypervisor, limiting potential downtime to seconds.

Choose Enterprise Class when server uptime is a very high priority.

Multiple servers/server clusters
Private Label Branding
Private Label branding is optional on shared accounts. It starts at $25/mo. Private Label branding is required for dedicated SecureForm processing servers and is thus included in the "Starting Price" listed below.
Maximum Post Size:
50 MB customizable
On dedicated SecureForm processing servers, we can customize your maximum form post size limit.
Starting Price
$50/mo $250/mo
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