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LuxSci provides Secure Hosting solutions on dedicated Linux servers.

Feature Dedicated Custom Enterprise
Security & privacy
For custom enterprise environments, you get to choose the security features that you want included.
Performance & reliability
For dedicated servers, you get to size the server to match your performance requirements. For custom enterprise environments, you get to choose the reliability features that you want included.
Server type
Business Class Enterprise/Custom
HIPAA Compliance Available?
USA or Custom Texas, USA

*Business Class dedicated servers can be provisioned in RackSpace and Amazon data centers around the world if requested by the customer. There may be an additional setup fee for a non-standard location.

Maximum Disk Space
2 TB unlimited
Full-disk Encryption
Multiple layers of firewalls

Enterprise class servers and Business Class servers at RackSpace enjoy software firewalls and redundant HA hardware firewalls.

Business Class servers at Amazon enjoy software firewalls and AWS Security Group logical network firewalls.

Backups included?
Standard backups of your server data are included. These include 7 daily on-site backups and 4 weekly off-site backups.
Custom backup/retention schedules?
Dedicated server customers can choose custom backup frequencies and retention schedules; this may come with an additional cost. Contact sales for more information.
Account isolation: No other LuxSci customers have access to your server. No shared servers.
In a shared solution, many 100s or 1000s of separate customers share the same server. Security replies on logical and software partitioning of access and resources. Shared solutions are inherently less secure, have less consistent performance, but are less expensive. Dedicated servers are recommended for when security and consistent performance are important. Only dedicated servers are available for web hosting customers.
Server isolation: All servers running on the same hardware belong to LuxSci. No public cloud servers.
In the Business Class environment, your server is in a Public Cloud. This means that other servers running on the same underlying hardware (hypervisor) may be owned by organizations unrelated to LuxSci. This provides some security risk compared to use of LuxSci's Private Cloud Enterprise Class environment, where LuxSci owns the underlying hardware and is in control of all servers running on it. Additionally, the Business Class environment may have less consistent performance due to the possibility of "noisy neighbor" servers outside of LuxSci's control.
Ultra-reliable: proof against hardware failure
Enterprise Class servers are virtual machines that run on a redundant VMWare cluster. If one of the underlying hypervisors should have a hardware issue, all servers running on it are immediately rebooted on another hypervisor, limiting potential downtime to seconds.

Choose Enterprise Class when server uptime is a very high priority.

Multiple servers/server clusters
Starting Price
Order Contact

Server Options

LuxSci offers standard levels of dedicated servers in both the Business and Enterprise Classes. You can choose the one right for your size, needs, and budget. You can upgrade/downgrade these servers with little effort and little downtime. You can combine multiple servers to create custom high-availbility solutions.

Business Class Server Options

Amazon Web Services Public Cloud

Server Type CPU RAM Max Network Speed Disk Included Bandwidth Included
Medium 2 Cores 4 GB 250 Mbps 100 GB 600 GB/mo
Large 2 Cores 8 GB 400 Mbps 100 GB 800 GB/mo
X-Large 4 Cores 16 GB 700 Mbps 100 GB 1 TB/mo
2X-Large 8 Cores 32 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 1.2 TB/mo
4X-Large 16 Cores 64 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 1.2 TB/mo

Enterprise Class Server Options

Private VMWare Cluster and SAN at RackSpace

Server Type CPU RAM Max Network Speed Disk Included Bandwidth Included
Medium-1C 1 Core 5 GB 1 Gbps 50 GB 10 TB/mo
Large 2 Cores 8 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo
X-Large 4 Cores 16 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo
2X-Large 8 Cores 32 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo

Other server sizes (e.g., very large memory), physcial servers and clusters, dedicated firewalls and other hardware are available. Additional disk space is an upgrade. Contact sales for details.

Choosing Your Server's Size

What server size is best for you? You can use the table, below, to see what works particular needs. If you want to do multiple things (e.g., 50 power email users plus a low traffic web site), we recommend going up to the next size as the "minimum" recommended for just one of these may have degraded performance when you do two or more. If you just want better performance or room to grow quickly and easily, choose a larger size. We can also re-size your server later you need more power.

Note: Any database-driven web site must be on a server with at least 2 GB of memory. Web sites built on a CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., should be on a server with at least 4 GB of memory, as these systems are memory hogs and can perform poorly on small servers. A "Micro" just does not have enough memory.

Recommended Size for secure web hosting

  2+ GB Ram 4+ GB Ram 2+ Cores 4+ Cores
Anti-virus scanning
Very low traffic/static
CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
Moderate traffic
Low traffic and compute intensive
Moderate traffic and compute intensive
High traffic

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