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The Secure Connector

Secure Connector Secures Email from Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Plans and Pricing

Pricing is based only on the number of end users whose email will be transmitted and secured through LuxSci.

Users Infrastructure Price Dedicated IP
10-50 Users
Shared $7/user Order
50-95 Users
Dedicated $7/user Order
100-245 Users
Dedicated $6/user Order
250+ Users
Dedicated Ask Sales Order

All Plans Include
HIPAA-compliant: Business Associate Agreement
HIPAA-compliant: Send ePHI in your email messages
SecureLineTM email encryption
Email Sending via SMTP
Email Sending via API
Bounce Tracking
Open & Click Tracking
Feedback Loop Tracking
Authentication and Report Account-Wide and per-User
Email Archival
Ticket, Chat, & Phone Support

The server included is a Business Class Server with enough horsepower to enable sending for indicated number of users. If you are interested in faster sending, larger-scale sending, a multi-server cluster solution, extensive API usage, or other custom configurations, Contact Sales.

LuxSci SecureLine Email Encryption

Secure Connector messages are delivered to LuxSci via SMTP. They are then passed to the proprietary SecureLineTM encryption engine. SecureLine gathers information from numerous sources to dynamically determine the optimal email encryption method to use for each recipient. The messages are then encrypted and securely delivered.

Everything is automatic and dynamic. The sender does not have to do anything.

SecureLine encrypts your email

Better Security through Isolation

Unlike other SaaS solutions that place all client data in a shared cloud, LuxSci is unique in that it can provide each client with their own dedicated server, cluster, or unique custom deployment. This can be compared to having one's property secured in a moated castle versus a communal camping site. The solution is more reliable, ensures consistency, and vastly improves the overall security of your data.

These solutions are Zero Trust-aligned, providing a dedicated, micro-segmented trust zone customized just for your service footprint.

Dedicated environments are better than shared clouds

Outbound Email Relaying is called "Smart Hosting"

You may need a Secure Connector for smart hosting if:

  • You use Microsoft 365 or Google and need outbound email encryption for HIPAA compliance.
  • Your ISP will not allow your mail server to send outbound email, or limits the quantity of email that can be sent.
  • Your Exchange Server cannot send email directly for your organization.
  • Your outbound email systems do not support SMTP Authentication.
  • Your IP address(es) have a poor reputation, resulting in your outbound email being considered spam-like by recipients (Are Cloud Servers Bad for Sending Email?)
  • You need to hide the IP address of your mail server.
  • You must ensure all outbound email is Archived, or encrypted.
  • ...the reasons go on and on.

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

It is simple to configure your Google or Microsoft account to send all outbound email through LuxSci for encryption and delivery. All you need is a LuxSci smart hosting account that has users corresponding to all of your Google or Microsoft 365 users. E.g., if you have 100 users in the domain "mydomain.com" in Google, then you would get a LuxSci account for "mydomain.com" and setup the same 100 users. Once smart hosting is enabled in Microsoft 365 or Google, all of your outbound email will seamlessly flow through LuxSci—no per-user configuration or changes are needed.

Exchange, postfix, and sendmail smart hosting

If you are not using Google or Microsoft, then smart hosting works by:

  • Identify one of your LuxSci users as a "smart hosting" user
  • Configure exchange, postfix, sendmail, or whatever email system you use to smart host email by authenticating to LuxSci as this user (i.e. using its username and password).
  • LuxSci then identifies the actual sending user by the "From" address of the message sent.

Alternately, if your sending program does not support SMTP authentication and you have a dedicated solution, you can use our Custom smart hosting service, where we authenticate your user(s) by the IP address from which your email is being sent.

Large Scale Email Sending

Smart hosting users have the same sending limits as other LuxSci business email users — 300 messages/day/user. If a user hits the 300 mark, his sending is suspended until the next day.

Some customers require higher sending limits. LuxSci sales will work with you to define a plan that meets your specific sending requirements.

Contact LuxSci for more information.

Additional Connector Features

eBook: HIPAA-compliant Email Basics

Safeguarding your healthcare practice and protecting patient privacy

Book 1 in the LuxSci Internet Security Series.

Created by Erik Kangas, PhD

Get the HIPAA eBook

The LuxSci team has been phenomenal to work with and provide an excellent solution to the security needs of the electronic world. Their customer service was top notch, consistently offering quick and professional responses to our questions and requests. Our project required creative solutions to meet our specific needs. LuxSci consistently exceeded our expectations. I fully recommend them to anyone looking for electronic security solutions."

Nicole Hiegl . High Country Area Agency on Aging