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HIPAA Compliance

WordPress, LAMP

WordPress, CMS—LAMP Stack

  • Solid, reliable technology for popular platforms: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others
  • Linux: CentOS or RedHat
  • Apache v2.4.x
  • MySQL (actually MariaDB) v5.6.x or 10.2.x
  • PHP v7.1.x (and Perl and Python)
  • Optimized for speed! Get 4+ GB RAM on your server

SSL/TLS Transport Encryption

Multiple Firewalls

  • On-server software firewalls
  • Web-based software firewall management tools
  • Account-specific access control tools
  • Server monitoring integrated with the firewall

VPN: Virtual Private Network

  • Connect yourself to LuxSci over a direct VPN
  • Secure MySQL and other client-server connections
  • Lock down management of your critical infrastructure
  • Discover: VPN Access

Enterprise Class Servers

  • Is maximum reliability critical for you?
  • Dedicated SAN separates storage from your servers
  • VMWare vMotion keeps you up when hardware fails
  • Redundant, High-availability hardware firewalls
  • Compare: Server Types

Perhaps you were wondering...?

Yes. LuxSci provides the infrastructure and the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and you provide the web site itself. You are responsible for the compliance and security of your site itself. I.e. that data is stored in proper places, that authentication is required for access, that you log access, etc. For more information, see: HIPAA Web Sites>

No. LuxSci only provides managed Linux-based dedicated servers for Web hosting.

Yes. It is common for customers to run WordPress on LuxSci servers. Note that you do need to choose a server with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM to run WordPress, or any other database-driven CMS. 4 GB servers will have great performance.

No. As WordPress sites can be quite complex, LuxSci does not currently provide a migration service. We will install a fresh version of WordPress for you. We would suggest that you have your web designer (i.e. the one in charge of designing and maintaining your current WordPress site) assist you in any migrations.

Yes, LuxSci will provide non-root SSH access to your server. This is granted only upon request, for security reasons. You can make this request via a Support Ticket.

LuxSci web hosting is a managed service. For security reasons, we do not grant root or sudo-root access to customers.

While you can not edit this file directly, LuxSci support can make requested modifications to it upon request. These modifications are first vetted to ensure that they do not hurt your server's security level.

LuxSci provides custom web site and database management tools (not cpanel) for this purpose. LuxSci also provides a server management tool where you can edit your iptables firewall and view current and historical reports on CPU, RAM, and Disk usage

Enterprise Class servers have their data stored on a private SAN where all disk partitions are always encrypted. New (AWS-based) Business Class servers also use full-disk encryption. Old-style (RackSpace-based) Business class servers can not have their main operating system disk encrypted; however, if you purchase additional disks and request it, these additional disks can be encrypted and all of your data can be stored on them. See: Enterprise vs Business Class.

Yes. See Standard Backups. We can also set up custom backup and retention schedules for you.

Yes. You would submit your cron job to support for review and they would configure it for you on your server.

Other questions? Call Sales

Dedicated, managed Linux Web hosting

Unfortunately, unsecured web servers are intriguing and accessible to determined hackers. So when it comes to managing the large amounts of traffic your site receives, you must make security a top priority. LuxSci's dedicated web site hosting ensures the protection of your online presence with maximized security and capacity. A dedicated server provides space and resources just for you, as opposed to the watering hole of a traditional shared server.

In addition to increased privacy, dedicated web site hosting also offers increased security. For instance, if another users' server is attacked or hacked, you're much less likely to experience collateral damage. Increased reliability arises from the fact that you don't have to share memory, CPU, network, disk space, or other resources. And, dedicated servers are best for accounts that need hundreds or thousands of users or gigabytes of storage. Does this sound like the type of infrastructure that's right for your business?

HIPAA-compliant databases

Does the nature of your business call for HIPAA compliance? LuxSci's dedicated web hosting servers provide a HIPAA-compliant web infrastructure where you can host HIPAA web sites. The isolated nature of the dedicated server provides enhanced security and flexibility from hackers. You can use TLS to ensure a secure connection between your website and its visitors. We also offer auditing reports for your web sites and your access to our system. With highly secure redundant firewalls and our intrusion protection system, you can rest assured that if there is an issue on your server, we will be alerted.

LuxSci's dedicated HIPAA-compliant web hosting services provide you with your own protected island on the web. You have the ability to host and share information on a secure and isolated platform. Be sure to check out our dedicated server package and to look into our helpful HIPAA-compliant information to make sure you're always protected.

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HIPAA-compliant Web Sites

LuxSci dedicated web hosting services, in conjunction with a HIPAA-compliant account, provides a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure where you can host HIPAA-compliant web sites.

HIPAA-compliant web hosting provides:

  1. Dedicated - dedicated virtual private servers for enhanced security and flexibility.
  2. Forced Secure Connections - Your connections to FTP and MySQL (to manage your data) are forced to always be secure.
  3. Optional Web Site SSL - SSL for your web site so that, if you are transmitting ePHI, you can do that securely.
  4. Database - Storage of ePHI on our hosted MySQL databases is permitted and compliant.
  5. Reporting - Access and auditing reports of your access to our system and management of your web sites are available. Raw web site logs are also available for your analysis.
  6. Firewalls - Multiple levels of firewalls included with all servers.
  7. Intrusion Protection - Our Intrusion Protection system alerts LuxSci staff to any issue on your server.
  8. HIPAA Infrastructure Requirements - LuxSci takes care of the HIPAA infrastructure requirements regarding media disposal, backups, restores, and related things for you.
  9. Business Associate Agreement

Your Role in HIPAA Compliance

With any HIPAA Web hosting solution where you have the ability to design your web site and upload your own scripts and programs, LuxSci provides a compliant environment and you are responsible for ensuring that the web site itself is designed and implemented in a secure and compliant fashion. E.g. ,this includes things like use of TLS when appropriate, access auditing and unique identity verification, proper encryption of at-rest ePHI, etc. For further information, please read:

Web Server Options and Pricing

LuxSci offers standard levels of dedicated servers in both the Business and Enterprise Classes. You can choose the one right for your size, needs, and budget. You can upgrade/downgrade these servers with little effort and little downtime.

Business Class Server Options

Amazon Web Services Public Cloud

Server Type CPU RAM Max Network Speed Disk Included Bandwidth Included Price
Medium 2 Cores 4 GB 250 Mbps 100 GB 600 GB/mo $200/mo
Large 2 Cores 8 GB 400 Mbps 100 GB 800 GB/mo $300/mo
X-Large 4 Cores 16 GB 700 Mbps 100 GB 1 TB/mo $500/mo
2X-Large 8 Cores 32 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 1.2 TB/mo $800/mo

Enterprise Class Server Options

Private VMWare Cluster and SAN at RackSpace

Server Type CPU RAM Max Network Speed Disk Included Bandwidth Included Price
Large 2 Cores 8 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo $550/mo
X-Large 4 Cores 16 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo $750/mo
2X-Large 8 Cores 32 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo $1,200/mo

Compare Business vs. Enterprise

Other server sizes (e.g. very large memory) are available for as special orders. Additional disk space is an upgrade.

The prices listed above are the entry prices for web hosting with each type of server. Adding other services such as TLS certificates, VPN, SecureForm, Domain Registration, and Email services will add to the overall price.

Choosing the Server Size

What server size is best for you? You can use the table, below, to see what works particular needs. If you want to do multiple things (e.g. 50 power email users plus a low traffic web site), we recommend going up to the next size as the "minimum" recommended for just one of these may have degraded performance when you do two or more. If you just want better performance or room to grow quickly and easily, choose a larger size. We can also re-size your server later you need more power.

Note: Any database-driven web site must be on a server with at least 2 GB of memory. Web sites built on a CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupla, etc., should be on a server with at least 4 GB of memory, as these system are memory hogs and often perform pooly on smaller servers. A "Micro" just does not have enough memory.

For dedicated web site & MySQL database hosting

  2+ GB Ram 4+ GB Ram 2+ Cores 4+ Cores
Anti-virus scanning
Very low traffic/static
CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
Moderate traffic
High traffic
Low traffic and compute intensive
Moderate traffic and compute intensive

New servers available in 0-3 business days*

Account term is month-to-month

Free 30-minute training call included

Welcome to LuxSci!

*For Business Class servers. Enterprise Class servers are ready in 1-7 business days.

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