Last Updated September 16th, 2022.

This article provides guidance about the HIPAA Eligible Services (as defined below) that LuxSci offers to HIPAA Customer ("Customer") in connection with the Business Associate Agreement ("BAA") signed by and between LuxSci and Customer. For Customer's use of a HIPAA Eligible Service to be covered by the BAA, Customer must fully comply with the terms of the BAA. In the event of a conflict between the BAA and this article1, the terms of the BAA govern.

HIPAA Eligible Services*

The LuxSci services listed below comprise the HIPAA Eligible Services:

*Data will be considered out of scope of LuxSci's HIPAA Eligible Services if:

  • LuxSci's Customer or one of the users of the Customer's LuxSci account has specified that the data in a message does not contain PHI (e.g., by explicitly opting out of the use of encryption), or

  • The data is produced or transmitted by a user in a LuxSci Customer account that the Customer has chosen to designate as exempt from HIPAA compliance.

For more information on how to properly configure the HIPAA-eligible Services to protect your PHI, see LuxSci's white paper: Architecting for HIPAA Compliance.

1 This article supersedes and replaces any prior BAA restrictions article(s) to which Customer's use of any HIPAA Eligible Services was subject.