LuxSci values the efforts of consultants, web designers and Resellers to help deliver our email, web and forms services to your customers. We will partner with you to help identify the best solutions for your customers. We will reward you with a commission or credit.

Why be a Reseller?

Save up to 20% with a reseller account, increasing your margins.

  • You prefer to direct bill your clients
  • You provide technical support to your clients
  • "Hands on" - You support and bill your customers
  • Private Label services and portals for a value-add

Why be an Affiliate?

Get paid monthly up to 20% of the value of all referrals—for as long as they remain customers.

  • LuxSci bills your referrals directly
  • LuxSci provides the Technical Support
  • "Hands off" - You refer and collect your residual
  • Optionally give discounts to your referrals

Reseller Overview

  • Pay regular prices; Get credits as a reward
  • Credit eligibility begins when account holds 3+ domains or customers
  • No retroactive credits

Affiliate Overview

  • Get paid via check, PayPal, or LuxSci credit
  • Commission based on the Monthly Value of all active referred accounts
  • Commissions continue as long as the accounts remain active.

Become a Reseller

Select "Reseller Account" as an option when ordering, request in your LuxSci account on the Upgrade page, or Contact Sales to become a Reseller later.

Become an Affiliate

Register Now

Commissions / Credits

Resellers get credits based on the total Monthly Value of their account and any linked accounts that they also administer. Affiliates get commissions based on the total Monthly Value for all accounts that they have referred that are still active at LuxSci (including those accounts administered by Resellers that they may have referred).

The Commission Percentage or Credit Percentage (how much you get back as a credit) is tiered based on this total Monthly Value:

Total Affiliate Reseller
Monthly Value Commission % Credit %
$0 — $49.99 5%
$50 — $499.99 10%
$500 — $4999.99 15%
$5000 + 20%

If you sell more and enter a new tier, then your percentage automatically increases on everything going forward. If accounts close or downgrade, then your percentage may automatically decrease on everything going forward.

See the Reseller and Affiliate program details pages for more information on how these percentages are calculated and to what they are applied.

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