July 17th, 2012

High Volume Resellers Can Brand Their Own Bulk Email Service

LuxSci’s High Volume Bulk Emailing service enables users to send mass emails with high speed, reliability, and deliverability.

Resellers purchase quantities of sending and distribute these to their customer accounts, charging their customers their own rates for sending and for any additional value adds that they provide.

Resellers typically do not want their customers to know that LuxSci provides the back-end mailing service that they are selling… they would much rather present their own service as their own brand.  With Private Labeling for High Volume accounts, LuxSci enables just that!

Private Labeling for High Volume Resellers

LuxSci Private Labeling enables Resellers and others to progressively remove some to all references to “LuxSci” from the user interface and other places, so that the resellers’ customers see only reseller-branded services.

This includes:

  • Using a custom color scheme and header and footer HTML so that the web-based user interface (e.g. for help, reports, and configuration) matches the reseller’s own web sites and brand.
  • Replace the “luxsci.com” in web site URLs (addresses) with the reseller’s own domain names
  • Replace the “luxsci.com” in the domain names used for SMTP connections with the Reseller’s own domain names
  • Use SSL certificates for the Reseller’s custom domain names so that even secure connections are branded.
  • Use “private” support tickets, optionally, so you can provide direct support to your customers and then escalate issues to LuxSci as necessary.
  • Resellers with dedicated servers can brand even the the email headers of all outbound messages so that there is no trace of LuxSci there, either.

Private Labeling offers Resellers a “white label” version of LuxSci’s bulk mailing service so that Resellers can promote their brands and establish client loyalty.

What Packages do Resellers Buy?

High Volume Resellers purchase different types of service packages, based on the sending needs and volumes that their customers use:

  • Spiky or infrequent sending: Resellers with fewer customers and/or those who do not send a lot of email may purchase “pre-paid” block of sending quota that lasts for a year or until used up.  This can be cheaper than a monthly subscription for customers with infrequent or spiky sending needs.
  • Lower volume, consistent sending: Resellers with customers who send regularly, but who send less than 200,000 messages/month aggregate are best served with a shared server plan.
  • Dedicated: Resellers whose aggregate sending is larger than 200,000 messages/month, who need to be able to send large numbers of messages in a short time, who need IP addresses separate from other LuxSci customers, or who require Private Labeling of email headers would go for a dedicated server or server cluster.

How to Sign Up?

To sign up as a High Volume Reseller, select “Order” at the top and choose one of our High Volume packages.  Then be sure to add “Reseller” as an additional option before checking out.   Resellers that have established at least 3 separate customers under their accounts and who are spending at least $50/mo are eligible for discounts.


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