May 31st, 2013

LuxSci Spotlight Mailer – Advanced Email Marketing Campaign Management

LuxSci’s High Volume bulk mailing service enables sending vast quantities of email for marketing and transactional purposes. This service is quick and easy to use and includes lots of reporting features. However, you still have to use some email program or service for composing your messages, managing your mailing lists, and managing their sending through the High Volume SMTP service.

The service works with most every bulk mailing software package and even regular email programs like Thunderbird and Outlook. This makes it perfect for customers who already using some such program.  However, we have found that many customers do not have any tools for managing their bulk mailing campaigns and want a simple but powerful web based system for this purpose.

The LuxSci Spotlight Mailer is just that, an extremely feature rich, web-based, email marketing service that can be plugged into LuxSci High Volume, Premium High Volume, or regular outbound email service for you.

Simple and Easy Message Design

Templates: The Spotlight mailer comes with a vast array of professional email templates that you can use to get started with message composition quickly.  These have all been vetted against most popular email systems like Outlook, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc., to ensure that they look good and consistent for all recipients. Customize our templates to match your needs and then save them as your own templates to reuse.

Editor: Once you select your template, start a new message from scratch, or import your existing message, you can then use our WYSIWYG editor to easily format text, upload and place images, add attachments, and more.

Images: You can upload and include any number of images with your mailings — unlimited image hosting is included free.

Simple and Easy Mailing List Management

The success of any email marketing solution hinges on how well it helps you manage your mailing lists.

Import: Add any number of contacts by importing CVS files.  Include your own custom fields for mail merge, reporting, and list segmentation purposes.

Lists: Have unlimited number of contact lists. Segment your contacts into any number of lists. Send messages to any combination of lists.  The sending is guaranteed to never send duplicate messages to the same address even if that address is present in multiple lists.

All Automated: Opt ins, unsubscribes, and bounces can all be handled by the system automatically.

Double Opt In: Require all new subscribes to click on a link in an email to verify that they really want to subscribe. This keeps your mailing lists clean and follows best practices.

Suppress Recipients:  Suppresion lists allow you to prevent specific addresses and/or entire domains from being sent anything by you, ever. …. even if their addresses are still in your mailing lists.

Simple and Easy Campaign Management

Spotlight Mailer includes a large number of features to manage your sending campaigns … e.g. each bulk send.

INBOX Preview: Before you send, you can see how your message will look in most popular email systems (e.g. Outlook) and get feedback on changes that should be made for maximum compatibility.  Fix your message before you send it.

Check for Spam: Before you send, Spotlight Mailer can check your message for spam-like content and suggest what should be revised so that you can improve deliverability.

Send Later: You can send your messages “now” or schedule them to be sent at any later date.  Plan ahead!

Bounce Processing: Configure Spotlight Mailer to automatically process all bounces and unsubscribe the problem users from your mailing lists.

Unsubscribe: Add one-click unsubscribe links to your messages so that your recipients can easily opt out of future mailings.  Required by best practices for marketing (and CAN-SPAM) and improves reader trust.

Forward to Friend: Add links allowing your recipients to easily forward the messages to their friends … in a way that can be tracked by you.

Reports and Analytics

A key component of the Spotlight Mailer is the insight that it provides in terms of what is happening to your messages.  LuxSci’s SMTP services let you know about deliverability and failures of message sending, Spotlight Mailer goes much further with:

  • Email Opens: Who opened what email messages and when?  Get detailed and graphical reports.
  • Click Tracking: Who clicked on what links and when?  Get detailed and aggregate statistics and graphical reports.
  • Bounces: How many messages bounced?  Were they hard or soft failures?  Why did each bounce occur?
  • Unsubscribes: How unsubscribed and when?  Compare unsubscribe and bounce rates.
  • Forward to Friends: Track how viral your messages are via reports on who forwarded messages to friends and when.

Spotlight Mailer also integrates with Google Analytics so that you can use that platform to track views and other information to can correlate your sending campaigns with sales conversions.


Spotlight Mailer goes much further for those willing to push its capabilities:

  • Split Testing: Try different messages and compare which one has a better response rate based on opens.  You can even run a test on a small part of your mailing list and send the rest to the best performing message…. automatically.
  • API: manage your mailing lists via our Spotlight Mailer API.

Getting Started

Ready to use the Spotlight Mailer?

  1. New Customers: Select “Spotlight Mailer” when ordering.
  2. Existing Customers: Use the “Upgrade Wizard” and select “Spotlight Mailer” under the “Users and User Services” section.

Spotlight Mailer is not just for High Volume accounts — any LuxSci customer with SMTP service can sign up for and use it.

How much does it cost?  Its $25/mo/user license.  Most accounts only need a single user license.

Its $50/mo for the first user in Dedicated High Volume accounts and FREE for the first user in High Volume accounts sending to 5 million or more recipients/month.  Additional users in these types of account are $25/user/mo.

Your Spotlight Mailer user is integrated with one of your LuxSci users.  Spotlight Mailer:

  1. Sends via SMTP (using SSL and alternate ports as required by your account)
  2. Uses the SMTP sending limits associated with the user in question
  3. Is not limited in sending or in mailing list size in any way, except in terms of the limits imposed on your LuxSci SMTP account.  E.g. a regular account can send 300 messages/day; a High Volume account starts at 15,000 messages/month and goes up from there.
  4. Can be used for HIPAA-Compliant bulk email when sending through a HIPAA regular email or Premium High Volume account.


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