SMTP Sending Limits Implemented

Published: May 15th, 2003

LuxSci has placed a limit on the maximum number of email messages a user can send per day through its SMTP servers. This limit is 200 messages per user per day and is designed to be more than large enough for most users but small enough to make our services useless for spammers.

This limit does not apply to messages sent via WebMail. Also, a message destined to multiple recipients is considered only a single message for this accounting purpose. This sending limit applies only to authenticated SMTP connections from email clients like Outlook. We can increase the sending limit on a per-user or per-account basis if a good reason for the requirement is given.

If you reach you sending limit, you will be denied the ability to send additional messages. This denial will last until midnight GMT, when the “day” changes and the count of messages that you have sent is reset to zero. Note that even if you are being denied the ability to send messages from your email client, you can always send email messages via WebMail. We are trying to help limit SPAM and not trying to limit legitimate email usage.

WebMail Feature Additions

Published: April 30th, 2003

WebMail: Now users can check the status of multiple email folders on their “Welcome” page. Use the “Email Folders” tool to subscribe to folders in addition to your INBOX and the status of these will be checked and displayed in the “Your Email” section of your Welcome page. This feature is perfect if you want to monitor your SPAM folder or other email folders in addition to your INBOX!

WebMail: LuxSci has added a feature to its WebMail that allows you for format your email messages for easy and clean printing. When viewing an email message, you can click on the printer icon in the upper right corner of the screen (Standard portal), or click on the “Printable” button (Xpress portal). This will display your message in a separate window without any of the graphics or menus and on a white background, making it much easier to print and friendlier to your ink supply!

HTML Attachments: If you receive email messages that include HTML attachments with embedded images (or other objects), LuxSci now displays these embedded images within the HTML document when you view it in the WebMail message display.

Dynamic DNS now Available

Published: April 30th, 2003

If you have your DNS Managed by LuxSci and pay on a yearly basis, then we have some new features to offer you. We now support dynamic DNS for your domains and subdomains – so you can use your domains with non-static IP addresses granted by cable or DSL providers. If you would like direct control over your DNS settings (to create and edit your aliases, SOA settings, etc.), we can also give you access through your own login to our Enterprise DNS portal.

Xpress WebMail Portal Released

Published: March 18th, 2003

LuxSci has produced a new alternate web interface for your WebMail and account management. The Xpress members’ portal differs from the standard “Full” members’ portal in that:

  • It does not use cookies at all
  • It does not use JavaScript at all
  • It uses only minimal graphics
  • It is compatible with more types of web browsers.

So, the Xpress members portal is useful for you:

  • If you have a slow Internet connection, it will be much faster than the Standard portal
  • If you use an old or non-mainstream web browser, it may look better and work more correctly than the Standard portal
  • If you are worried about security issues involving JavaScript, you can turn JavaScript off and the Xpress portal will work just fine.
  • If you are worried about privacy issues involving cookies, you can turn cookies off and the Xpress portal will work just fine.

The only down side of the Xpress portal is that is somewhat less user friendly and does not support all of the features of the Standard portal, because of the explicit lack of JavaScript.

Several LuxSci Feature Additions

Published: March 13th, 2003

Auditing: LuxSci now records the IP address from which you login to our member’s portal. You can view the last IP address used to login to your account on your Welcome page, and can view a history of IP addresses used in your “Login History” reports. This type of IP address tracking is a security measure for your benefit.

FTP Bandwidth: Your web hosting bandwidth quota has always implicitly included bandwidth usage by both your web sites AND bandwidth usage from FTP. Up until now, however, we have not been actively monitoring FTP bandwidth usage. Staring with this month, March, 2003, we will be explicitly including your FTP bandwidth usage in our measurement of your total bandwidth usage. You can see the breakdown of FTP vs Web bandwidth usage in your account administration page.

WebMail: You can now choose to have the time a message was sent displayed along with the date it was sent when viewing the list of messages in your WebMail Folders. Simply enable the option “Show the time of day that a message was sent in the message index?” in your WebMail Preferences.

Auto-Responders: Now, if you have any auto-responders enabled, there will be a message to this effect on your Welcome page when you login. This is intended to help you remember to turn off these auto-responders when they are no longer needed.

New WebMail User Interface

Published: January 25th, 2003

We have released a completely new version of the LuxSci members’ web site. It includes many new features:

  • If you download email from remote POP3 email accounts, you can now enable automatic downloading of your email from these accounts into your LuxSci folders every 4 hours.
  • You can now choose to download plain text attachments in your email messages rather than just viewing them.
  • You can now enable or disable display of full email message headers while viewing the email message itself.
  • There is now a “Check spelling before sending messages?” WebMail Preference allowing you to enable spell checking by default on all of your email messages.
  • Delete all addresses at once from your WebMail Address Book with the new “Delete All” option.
  • Use the new “Mark as Not SPAM” option in your folder index page under “More Options”. This feature adds the email addresses of the senders of all selected messages to your SPAM Filter’s “white list” and then moves the selected messages to your INBOX.

WebMail and Email Filter Features

Published: January 23rd, 2003

WebMail: Reverse the order headers are displayed in your email message index! Now, with the new preference “Display message headers in reverse order?” in your WebMail Preferences page, you can reverse the order in which messages are displayed in your message index pages. In this way, for example, your new messages would be displayed at the top of the list rather than at the bottom, and you would view the beginning of the message list rather than the end by default. This is provided to allow people can choose the message sorting style that they are most comfortable with.

Email Filters: Filter messages that have attached files with specified extensions like *.exe and *.vbs. Our Custom Email Filter Tool supports finding and filtering messages based on the filenames of included attachments. See the Email Filter tool’s help pages for a recipe to implement this type of filter.

WebMail: You can now sort your messages by size, read vs. unread status, and flagged vs. unflagged status. You can also use the new “Attach More…” button to add more attachments to your email message. By repeating this process, you can add any number of attachments to a single email message.

Account Administration Feature Additions

Published: January 10th, 2003

Auditing: Now you can view graphs of the detailed disk usage by your users and your account as a whole for the past month. Disk usage is measured hourly; these reports allow you to see how your recent disk usage has changed over time.

New Password Rules: All new user passwords must contain both letters and numbers and be not easily guessed by modern password guessing programs for enhanced security. We can relax these requirements on a per-account basis if necessary.

Secret Question and Answer: You can now supply us with a secret question and answer in Your Profile. We will use this secret question to authenticate you if you forget your password or need other special administrative work done for you. This helps us protect your account. We encourage all users to supply a secret question and answer.

Aliases: The LuxSci alias manager has been updated to automatically detect infinite loops in your aliases so that you can correct them before they become a problem. The alias manager also supports domain forwarding aliases of the form * -> *, so all email to one domain is simply forwarded to another domain keeping the same usernames!

Secure SMTP

Published: October 22nd, 2002

LuxSci now supports Secure SMTP over TLS! This allows you to send email through our servers in such a way that your message contents, username, and password are protected.

Custom Email Filtering

Published: September 29th, 2002

Announcing an all new email filtering tool based on Procmail! This tool allows you to design and configure arbitrary email filtering rules which can perform actions such as saving messages to specific folders, forwarding messages to specific addresses, marking messages as important, etc., based on whether the messages meet your specified criteria. You can also fully designate the order in which all of your custom email filters and the system email filters (like the Spam filter and the auto-responders) are applied. Now you can take full control over your email!