July 25th, 2012

HIPAA: A Crash Course

LuxSci has written much about how HIPAA and HITECH impacts various aspects of your online business over the years.  Here we bring together most of these discussions into a framework that makes it easy for you to find and read about the aspects of HIPAA most relevant and interesting to ... Read the complete post

July 24th, 2012

Maximize Your Outbound Email Throughput: How to Send More Email, Faster

Customers of our High Volume bulk outbound email service often ask how they can “send faster”.  They want to get their mailing out ASAP, no matter if it is to hundreds of recipients, or millions of recipients.

This post codifies all of the various types of advice we give for ... Read the complete post

July 20th, 2012

Jump/Thumb Drives and PHI Don’t Mix

It is very common for the staff of small and medium sized healthcare organizations to store patient data on USB Flash Drives (a.k.a. Jump Drives or Thumb Drives).  This is universally a bad idea and guarantees non-compliance with HIPAA.  Below, I will discuss why and suggest some alternatives to ... Read the complete post

July 18th, 2012

How to Protect Yourself from Password Theft

Large companies seem to be losing user passwords to hackers at an ever increasing rate.  Just recently:

  • Formspring lost 420,000 passwords
  • LinkedIn lost 6.5 million member passwords … and these were not even well protected.
  • eHarmoney lost 1.5 million passwords
  • Yahoo! lost 400,000 passwords … all in plain text!
... Read the complete post
July 17th, 2012

High Volume Resellers Can Brand Their Own Bulk Email Service

LuxSci’s High Volume Bulk Emailing service enables users to send mass emails with high speed, reliability, and deliverability.

Resellers purchase quantities of sending and distribute these to their customer accounts, charging their customers their own rates for sending and for any additional value adds that they provide.

Resellers typically do ... Read the complete post