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A Comparison of Email Backup Policy of Popular Email Services

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Do you use email backup in your practice? Make a smart choice by comparing the backup policies of popular email solution providers.

Privacy concerns are constantly rising especially following the revelations by Edward Snowden. Now, the big question is “Do the popular email services in the US retain your data forever?” In order to find an appropriate answer, we examined the email backup policies of 7 popular providers.

Data breaches and privacy concerns make headlines for they have a direct impact on an individual’s private life. Going by the news of mass surveillance by government authorities, it is natural for you to be extra cautious about protecting your privacy. After all, nobody wants to get exposed although a bit of exhibitionism resides in each of us.

Email backup and restore solutions

The US government is pressing technology giants to reveal what they have in their “box” (or your inbox). Apple reported that it received the highest number of security requests for data from the US government this year.

Considering the “attacks” from both the government and hackers, it is imperative for you to learn how these email services ensure that your data remain safe.

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Advantages of LuxSci/Comodo TLS Certificates over Go Daddy

Monday, December 28th, 2009

We are often asked by customers  why they should pay more for an SSL certificate from LuxSci/Comodo instead of purchasing from a third party provider like GoDaddy.  I.e., what justifies the added expense?

There are two key considerations in choosing Comodo SSL certificate from LuxSci:

  1. The recognition of an SSL certificate from Comodo
  2. A web site seal from Comodo that you can place on your site
  3. The benefit of LuxSci managing the order process, installation and subsequent SSL renewals.

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