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Why LuxSci’s Business Email Servers are Not on Blacklists

Monday, January 20th, 2014

LuxSci is serious about the quick and efficient delivery of all email sent by our clients. We take extra steps to ensure that our servers sending outbound email are not blacklisted.  Indeed, while it is impossible to never get on any blacklist (unless you are not sending email), our business and enterprise email hosting servers have very rarely been blocked; in theses cases, we have quickly re-routed email around the blocks to ensure delivery until the block is removed.

(Note that this article applies to our email hosting services, and not to our separate High Volume outbound email marketing service — which we run through separate servers and which we also monitor constantly to catch and remediate any possible blacklistsing).

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Outbound Email Monitoring

Sunday, May 1st, 2005

Account administrators can now enable monitoring of all outbound email sent by all users in their domains for specified content — keywords and phrases. Messages containing searched-for content are logged and can be BCC’ed to an auditing email address and/or blocked from being sent. Wild cards are supported and all subjects, bodies, text attachments, HTML attachments, and message attachments are searched (other types of attachments are not searched).This feature allows businesses to enforce policies about what types of information can be sent by email from their employees. Users affected by this monitoring are notified in our WebMail interface for privacy reasons.