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Secure? Google Mail Getting Increasingly Less Private

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

In the news this week: Gmail is trying to make its web interface faster and a little safer … but are they trading away some of your privacy in the process and making Gmail addresses better targets for email marketers?

What is Google Doing?

Instead of waiting for you to click a “show images” button on every message that is displayed, Google is pre-loading all the images on their servers, scanning for viruses, and then displaying them automatically inline. You can turn this off in your Settings.

On this surface, this gives you:

  1. Images right away — fewer clicks
  2. Safer images — they have been scanned for viruses and malware

Sounds good so far, but…

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Outbound Email Monitoring

Sunday, May 1st, 2005

Account administrators can now enable monitoring of all outbound email sent by all users in their domains for specified content — keywords and phrases. Messages containing searched-for content are logged and can be BCC’ed to an auditing email address and/or blocked from being sent. Wild cards are supported and all subjects, bodies, text attachments, HTML attachments, and message attachments are searched (other types of attachments are not searched).This feature allows businesses to enforce policies about what types of information can be sent by email from their employees. Users affected by this monitoring are notified in our WebMail interface for privacy reasons.