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Beginners Guide To Windows Optimization… or How to Make Your PC Faster

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

One of the most common complaints of Windows/PC users is that their computers always start to get slower after time. While some minor slowing down is unavoidable due to wear on parts and heat, the vast majority of it can be fixed by regularly doing some basic maintenance.  Let’s go over some of the basic ways to keep your Windows computer running like a charm.

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Mitigating Threats To Your Email Security and Privacy

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Email security issues and technologies are extremely complicated; however, here we intend to make the salient issues and solutions clearly understandable to all readers.

You may already know that email is not a perfectly secure communication medium; however, it might surprise you to learn just how inherently insecure email can be. Messages thought deleted can still exist in backup folders on remote servers years after being sent. Hackers can read and modify messages in transit, use your usernames and passwords to login to your online services, and steal your identity and critical information!

As the amount of crucial business conducted via email increases, so does the amount of Spam, viruses, hacking, fraud, and other malicious activity. Unless precautions are taken, email can leave you and your business open to escalating security and privacy risks. What are these risks?

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