Filter for Security

  • HIPAA-compliant inbound email filtering
  • Spam, virus, content, malware and attachment filtering
  • Avoid fraud and phishing scams
  • Block malicious URLs with real-time sand boxing

Filter for Reliability

  • Email spooling, Emergency Inbox, and Message replay
  • Redundant architecture
  • Protect your email servers from email floods and attacks
  • Premium Filtering through Proofpoint

Filter for Simplicity

  • No end-user software or plugins needed
  • Easily integrates into LuxSci and non-LuxSci email services
  • Automatically updated, in-the-cloud protection
  • Quarantine reports come straight to your Inbox
  • Less email to deal with

Email Filtering Features

Depending on what you order, you will enjoy some combination of these 4 feature sets:

Basic Filtering Filtering solution for LuxSci email hosting users without Premium Filtering.
Premium Filtering Beginner Package
Premium Filtering Business Package

Watch the Premium Email Filering Administrative Tour video.

Business Continuity

Filtering Feature Basic Premium (Beginner) Premium (Business)
Save copies of messages to a backup email folder
Optional. Have copies of all recent messages saved to a "backup" folder where you can access them quickly just in case you lose or delete an important message from your Inbox.
Email spooling when your email server is down
5 days 30 days 30 days
In case your email environment goes down or offline, Premium Filtering will spool (queue) your new inbound email for up to 30 days. This queued email will be automatically delivered to your email provider for delivery to your users' email folders once your email provider comes back online.
Emergency access to new email when your email server is down
30 days 30 days
Emergency Inbox is used to provide users access to email in the event that their regular mail environment is unavailable. Once this occurs Premium Filtering will automatically begin to spool mail for the affected domain and the Emergency Inbox will immediately begin to show the spooled mail. Users are able to send new messages as well as reply to received messages. Users are unable to see messages that were successfully delivered prior to mail delivery being impacted.
Instant Message Relay
30 days
The Instant Replay feature allows users to send (or resend) an email from Premium Email Filtering to their email servers. This may be useful in the following situations:
  • The original email failed to be delivered (bounced/expired)
  • The original email was deleted by the user

Anti-Fraud/Anti-Phishing Detection

Filtering Feature Basic Premium (Beginner) Premium (Business)
SenderID/SPF checks
DKIM checks
Header analysis checks
Granular and configurable policies for phishing messages
BATV (Bounce Address Tag Validation) checks
Machine learning technology for accurate content analysis
Separate quarantine for phishing messages
Real-time notification and alerting of phishing messages
Automated delivery of reports for phishing messages

Spam Filtering Effectiveness

Filtering Feature Basic Premium (Beginner) Premium (Business)
Filtering technology
SpamAssassin Proofpoint Proofpoint
Backscatter protection
Customize Spam-filter thresholds
Reputation-based spam detection
Header analysis
Configurable deny lists
Email Zombie detection
Machine learning technology
Outbound spam detection (optional)
Bayesian technology
Per-user Bayesian Filtering allows each user to train his/her own filter with examples of "Spam" and "not Spam" messages for extremely customized and accurate filtering. Training is performed on demand in WebMail on a per-message or per-folder basis. 200+ examples of Spam and not Spam messages but be trained before the Bayesian component of Spam filtering kicks in and helps in the classification of your inbound email.
Automatic allow-listing of all addresses in your address book (optional)

Virus Filtering Effectiveness

Filtering Feature Basic Premium (Beginner) Premium (Business)
Anti-Virus technology
ClamAV F-secure or McAfee F-secure or McAfee
Virus definitions updated
hourly real-time real-time
100% Anti-virus SLA
Premium Email Filtering (Proofpoint) warrants that it will filter 100% of viruses contained in inbound email filtered through the Premium Email Filtering system.

"Virus" means any binary or executable code whose purpose is to gather information from the infected host (such as Trojans), change or destroy data on the infected host, use inordinate system resources in the form of memory, disk space, network bandwidth or CPU cycles on the infected host, use the infected host to replicate itself to other hosts, or provide control or access to any of the infected host's system resources.

This SLA does not apply to (i) text messages that use fraudulent claims to deceive the Customer and/or prompt the Customer to action (such as phishing); (ii) a binary or executable code installed or run by an end user that gathers information for sales and marketing purposes (such as spyware); (iii) a virus that has been detected and has been cleaned by other virus scanning products; (iv) an ineffective or inactive virus contained in a bounced email; (v) a Virus-infected email that is quarantined by the Hosted Services but is subsequently delivered to an end user or administrator by such end user or administrator; (vi) emails containing attachments that are password protected, encrypted or otherwise under an end user's control; or (vii) any action by a Customer end user or administrator that results in deliberate self-infection.

Customer will not be eligible to receive a remedy under this SLA if Customer (i) is not subscribing to all anti-virus Security Services Hosted Service modules for all Customer Mailboxes for which a Security Services Hosted Service subscription has been purchased; (ii) has not enabled full virus protection for all Customer Mailboxes for which a Security Services Hosted Service subscription has been purchased; and (iii) does not provide LuxSci with conclusive written evidence that the Virus was caused by an email that passed through the Security Services Hosted Service network.

Remedy. If a validated Infection occurs in any calendar month, and if Customer has fulfilled all of its obligations under the Agreement and this SLA, LuxSci will provide Customer with a Service Credit for the month in which the failure to meet this SLA has occurred. The Service Credit will be calculated in accordance with the table below.

  • 1 to 3 Validated Occurrences — 25% Credit
  • 4 to 5 Validated Occurrences — 50% Credit
  • 6+ Validated Occurrences — 100% Credit

Credit is only with respect to fees paid for Premium Email Filtering services.

Zero-Hour Anti-virus detection for zero-day protection

Zero-Hour Threat Detection protects enterprises against new email security threats, such as phishing attacks and viruses as they emerge. This adds an additional layer of security threat assessment and detection over the Spam Detection, Phishing Protection, and Virus Protection layers, providing critical defense-in-depth protection.

  • Defense-in-Depth: Zero-Hour Threat Detection provides an additional layer of security threat detection by assessing and identifying emerging email security threats that cannot be positively confirmed by the Spam Detection, Phishing Protection, and signature-based Virus Protection layers.

    Protection against Emerging Threats: Zero-Hour Threat Detection assesses and identifies suspicious emails and takes preventative action, keeping systems safe. By temporarily delaying email messages, more information can be gathered to make an assessment for a positive confirmation regarding the threat and then taking the appropriate action (e.g., repairing virus infected messages, moving phishing messages to the Phishing Quarantine, or moving spam messages to a Spam Quarantine)

Policies for Email Attachments and Content

Filtering Feature Basic Premium (Beginner) Premium (Business)
Filter by message content
Filter by size of attachments
Filter by password protected files
Filter by number of attachments
Predictive sandboxing of URLs in messages

Leverage an agentless, cloud-based service with URL intelligence to protect users from malicious links in emails no matter when or where they click on that URL-while working remotely, BYOD, and more. A frequent tactic has been to send users socially engineered emails that are designed to entice the user to click a URL within the email. The URL web destination either automatically initiates a download, or tricks the user to enter sensitive or private information. Proofpoint research has shown that 20% of clicks by users on malicious emails occur off the corporate network, bypassing on-premise security controls.

Our URL Defense Service rewrites the URL, so that wherever the user checks their email, Proofpoint can:

    Protect: Protect your enterprise by testing every URL behind the scenes at click time--wherever and whenever it's clicked--to ensure that the organization is always protected, whether the user is accessing email on the corporate VPN or on an unsecured public connection
  • Expose: Provide discrete visibility and click-tracking by ensuring URLs are unique for each recipient and each message, enabling end-to-end insight
  • Complement: Respects your existing layers of security by not acting as a proxy service, but rather using a 302 redirect to reroute the user's browser to safe destinations upon confirmation by Targeted Attack Protection. This proxy-less approach ensures existing corporate security controls and acceptable use policies are not bypassed.
Advanced malware detection
Real-time dynamic analysis

Content Filtering for Email Attachments

Filtering Feature Basic Premium (Beginner) Premium (Business)
Microsoft Office 2003-2010+ files
Adobe PDF files
Many other files types

Reporting and Log Search

Filtering Feature Basic Premium (Beginner) Premium (Business)
Real-time log search
Outbound log search: by sender, recipient, and subject
Outbound log search: by attachment name (optional)
Inbound log search: by sender, recipient, and subject
Inbound log search: by attachment name
Automated publishing, scheduling, and email delivery of reports
Emailed logs

End User Functionality

Filtering Feature Basic Premium (Beginner) Premium (Business)
Quarantine reports
End user quarantine release
End user defined spam policies
Configurable end user allow list
Configurable end user quarantine pages

LuxSci is the ultimate in email, not only in terms of products but also in service. From a business perspective LuxSci provides unparalleled account administration and control over spam and viruses. You won't even know all the things that are possible with email until you check out LuxSci's multitude of special email services and products. They can also integrate web hosting with your email account."

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