1. Reseller Program Overview

The LuxSci Reseller program is designed for customers who are managing services for multiple sub-clients to pay less for those services. Resellers direct bill their sub-clients and provide the front line of support and account management. This allows us to charge them less.

2. Reseller Eligibility

Any customer can sign up and request a reseller account via the LuxSci ordering tools. However, only some customers will be eligible for Reseller credits. Reseller eligibility is based on the reseller account servicing at least 3 distinct sub-clients.

This determination is made manually by the LuxSci billing department.

3. Credit Percentage

The "Credit Percentage" for a Reseller is determined by the total Monthly Payments of the Reseller's account (and any accounts it globally manages and the value of any linked Affiliate account).

Total Monthly Payments Credit Percentage
$0 — $49.99 none
$50 — $499.99 10%
Ask Sales

4. Monthly Value

LuxSci sells many different services and these services have widely differing profit margins. For example, we provide disk space roughly "at cost." We can not provide the same credits on all services for this reason. Instead, we break up all services and fees into three categories based on the available profit margin: fully commissionsable, partly commissionable, and not commissionable.

The table below indicates what types of services fall into each class:

Fully Commissionable Partly Commissionable NOT Commissionable

100% Commissionable

  • Base account fees
  • Users: POP, IMAP, SMTP, WebMail, WebAidesTM, Basic Spam Filtering
  • Shared smart hosting (SMTP)
  • SecureForm
  • SecureLineTM
  • LuxSci Mailer
  • High Volume Sending: Shared
  • Private Labeling
  • HIPAA-compliance Fee
  • Managed Email Migration
  • Training Calls and Classes
  • VPN

75% Commissionable

  • Enterprise Class Dedicated Servers: 2X-Large
  • Business Class Dedicated Servers

50% Commissionable

  • Dedicated Servers: All Others
  • Disk Space: Shared Accounts
  • Email Archival
  • Premium Email Filtering
  • SecureChat
  • SecureText Credits
  • TLS Certificates

25% Commissionable

  • Disk Space: Dedicated Servers
  • DNS
  • Domain Registrations
  • MobileSync
  • SecureVideo

0% Commissionable

  • Consulting
  • Custom development
  • Other one-time fees for special requests

For example, a customer with a Px2 Dedicated Server ($200/mo, 75% commissionable) and 25 users (Starter Plus: $4/each, fully commissionable) would have the following:

Monthly Payment = 25 x $4/mo + $200/mo = $300/mo

Monthly Value = 100% x 25 x $4/mo + 75% x $200/mo = $250/mo

5. Payment of Credits

Resellers will pay standard LuxSci retail prices for their accounts and services. However, Credits will be applied to their billing statements when those are issued. How does this work?

6. Resellers with Affiliate Accounts

A Reseller may find it also useful to be an Affiliate -- e.g. some account may be referred while some others may be managed directly. LuxSci supports linking Reseller and Affiliate accounts, though you will have to contact Support to make this happen. When these accounts are linked:

  1. You can have your Affiliate Commission deposited as a credit to your Affiliate account.
  2. Your Affiliate Account's referral's Monthly Payments (and thus is Commission Percentage) can be augmented by the monthly payments of your Reseller account.
  3. Your Reseller Account's monthly payments (and thus is Credit Percentage) can be augmented by the total monthly pyments of your other referred accounts. Note, however, that Affiliate accounts do not receive commissions on Reseller accounts (no double dipping).

7. Additional Reseller Features

Reseller Feature
Charge Your Clients Whatever You Want
You charge your clients based on the margins you require. You are responsible for billing your clients and collecting money from them; we charge you for your account usage as a whole.
A La Carte Licensing
You can upgrade your account any time to add any increment to the licenses that are available for users, disk space, and other services. Most services can be purchased "a la carte" so that your clients can have different sets of services and so you only buy what you need. LuxSci provides an extremely comprehensive and easy to use administrative control panel simplifying configuration and administration all the users, domains, and web sites in your account. You can optionally delegate management of domains, web sites, and users to your clients on a per-domain basis. Your clients can administer "their domains" themselves without access to any other customer data or billing information.
Private Labeled WebMail / Branding
You can optionally setup Private Labeled WebMail interfaces for your clients to use for WebMail and account administration. Using SSL certificates, you can fully customize using your own domain names so that there is no trace of "LuxSci" in any interface. LuxSci's SecureLineTM services are also configurable with Private Labeling.
Private Support Ticket Interface for You
You can optionally provide tier-1 support to your users and ask us for help when needed, or leave all the support to LuxSci's support staff. LuxSci also provides "private support tickets" so that you can use our ticketing interface to help your users on your issues privately -- without LuxSci's attention or intervention.
Application Programming Interface (API)
You can optionally integrate your LuxSci account with external web sites or applications using our Account Access API. This allows you to create and manage users, domains, and aliases programmatically.
Large Reseller Accounts - Dedicated Servers
Resellers with large numbers of clients can utilize LuxSci's managed dedicated servers and PODs, if needed. Contact sales to see if this would be appropriate for you or to plan the setup of your account so that it is easy to migrate to such a configuration in the future.
Multple-Account Administration via Single Login
Resellers who have multiple LuxSci accounts can now utilize a special feature called "Global Account Administration" that allows them to administer and pay for all (or any subset of) their accounts with a single login. This feature also permits searching across all accounts and access to advanced controls for clients whose accounts are on dedicated servers.

LuxSci offers a very comprehensive secure hosting solution for healthcare organizations who must navigate complex HIPAA regulations and safeguard their patients' data. Not only is the site well secured and monitored constantly—the site loads quickly, operates reliably, and we have been thrilled with the immediate response from support staff when the occasional question comes up or we are in need of more advanced support on the development side. I highly recommend LuxSci's products and services."

Nathan Schmidt . Summit Home Medical Equipment