August 13th, 2009

A Better Spam Filter

If you are tired of spending hours clearing your Microsoft Outlook email in-box of useless junk mail, then you need a better spam filter. But while many programs come with a spam filter automatically installed, it may not be installed to work for you – it could either let in too many malicious emails or filter out important emails. Learning how to create an effective spam filter can help you optimize your time and stop you from pulling out your hair.

Microsoft Outlook comes with several tools to help create a more secure email platform by sending questionable messages to the “Junk Email” folder. However, the preset rules can be too strict, causing you to miss valuable messages. When you first use Outlook, make sure to check the Junk Email frequently. If messages from people you know are getting bounced to the Junk Email folder, you can simply right click on them and either mark the individual or email domain as not spam.

On top of this, you can also create “rules” that will place additional restrictions on what is or isn’t considered to be spam. In Outlook, right click on a message and go to the “Create Rules” prompt. From there, you can add phrases or words that will trigger the spam filter if they are in an email. You could also create a rule for other elements of an email, such as flagging any email that has an unknown attachment. Or, you could do the opposite and make sure that emails with certain content are always sent to your Inbox instead of your Junk folder.

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If the junk email and virus filters in your email program are not sufficient, or you would prefer that malicious email never even makes it to your computer where it could cause inadvertent harm, you may wish to use a server-side spam and virus filtering solution.  These can be customized and even centrally managed.  They can also be updated more frequently than most client-side filters.  Server-side filters are better and provide cleaner, easier to manage email, with less effort.

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  1. Bob Meetin Says:

    I’m a web developer responsible for both clients’ websites and offering to them great email solutions. Over the course of time I’ve used a number of different systems to manage spam/viruses.

    Mailarmory was the service that a local hosting service offered as part of their email package. It helped, but was awkward and allowed lots of spam to sneak through.

    On my windows PC I went through iterations of Norton spam software which was never anything less than a hassle. Business acquaintances used other spam/virus software which was never quite right.

    When I switched to another hosting provider I tried using their control panel to set up and configure email account, then SpamArrest and Box Trapper Spam Trap. This combination was an absolute nightmare. So I kept searching and eventually got referred to

    That was a great choice. Although it takes time to learn and understand the control panel as well as the functions, the spam/virus filtration has been superb and the tech support wonderful. I now have a load of small business that I support whom I have set up for email through LuxSci. Satisfaction all but guaranteed.

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