March 28th, 2009

Access Your Calendars via Public iCal Links

Anyone using a LuxSci Calendar WebAide can now “publish” their calendar and make it available as iCal file accessible via a public Internet address (URL).  Now, any program that can display the contents of an iCal file can display your LuxSci Calendar directly.  I.e. Mozilla Sunbird, Thunderbird Lightning, Mac iCal, and PHP iCalendar are a few programs that can display calendars loaded from remote iCal files.  Many other programs and systems, including those that support CalDAV, can also display iCal calendar files or synchronize with them.

The iCal publishing feature includes:

  • All entries in your calendar, including recurrence and reminders
  • Optional password-protection with a username and password that you supply
  • Optional use of SSL (i.e. a link over https://)
  • The published iCal file is updated within 5 minutes of any changes to your LuxSci Calendar.
  • The published iCal file is read only.

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