June 16th, 2007

Account Administration Changes

The following updates have been made to our account administration tools:

  • User administration has been updated to provide administrators access to the revised "My Email Tools" area for each user. This replaces the individual administration pages for individual tools like email folders and email filtering with one area entitled "user’s email tools".
  • Shared Folders: The advanced account administration settings allow you to control if your users and administrators can share folders with their entire domain and/or your entire account. These settings also allow you to enable or disable the use of "forced folder subscriptions", whereby administrators can force sharees to be automatically subscribed to selected folders.
  • Message Tags: You can configure default account-wide and domain-wide message tags and their respective colors.
  • Private Labeling: There is a new option for private labeled configuration under the "login" configuration page. This allows administrators to force all users logging into the Full portal (as opposed to the Xpress portal) to only use the JavaScript keyboard tool to enter their passwords.

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