January 10th, 2003

Account Administration Feature Additions

Auditing: Now you can view graphs of the detailed disk usage by your users and your account as a whole for the past month. Disk usage is measured hourly; these reports allow you to see how your recent disk usage has changed over time.

New Password Rules: All new user passwords must contain both letters and numbers and be not easily guessed by modern password guessing programs for enhanced security. We can relax these requirements on a per-account basis if necessary.

Secret Question and Answer: You can now supply us with a secret question and answer in Your Profile. We will use this secret question to authenticate you if you forget your password or need other special administrative work done for you. This helps us protect your account. We encourage all users to supply a secret question and answer.

Aliases: The LuxSci alias manager has been updated to automatically detect infinite loops in your aliases so that you can correct them before they become a problem. The alias manager also supports domain forwarding aliases of the form *@domain1.com -> *@domain2.com, so all email to one domain is simply forwarded to another domain keeping the same usernames!

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