August 28th, 2012

Add Email Filtering and/or Archival In the Cloud – Keep your Current Email System

LuxSci’s Premium Email Filtering and Email Archival services are among the best available in terms of reliability, flexibility, and function.  They just work — eliminating unwanted email and making permanent easily searchable archives of all sent and received email messages.

While these services integrate tightly with LuxSci-hosted email services, they can also be used with third-party email services.  If you are happy with your current email service, but not its filtering or archival, you may be able to remedy that by adding our filtering or archival to your existing solution.

How does it work?

For Premium Email Filtering, you:

  1. Need to have your own domain name (e.g. “” and not be using “”)
  2. Your current email provider needs to be OK if your DNS MX records do not point directly to their servers.  (Some companies, like, disable your email if your DNS MX records do not point directly to their servers — but this is rare).

Once you sign up with LuxSci for Premium Email Filtering:

  1. LuxSci will configure the Premium Filtering servers to deliver your filtered email to your current inbound email servers, whatever they may be
  2. You will update your DNS MX records, replacing your current inbound email servers with our filtering servers (we’ll tell you what to use).

In effect, this inserts our filtering servers in front of your current email servers and into the path inbound email takes to get to your INBOX.  This allows us to filter all of your email seamlessly with no change in how you access your email (e.g. no software to install, no  email program configurations to update, nothing except for single DNS change).

For Premium Email Archival, you:

  1. Need to have your current email provider capture copies of all sent and received email and put these in to a single user’s INBOX.  If you use “Microsoft Exchange”, this is done by enabling “Journaling”.  If you use another mail system, you may need to setup special rules to do this — please contact your current provider to see if this is possible.

Next, once you sign up for Premium Email Archival:

  1. LuxSci configures the Archival servers to periodically poll the user, capturing copies of all sent and received email and downloading that email into the archives.  This happens within minutes of the messages being captured
  2. We provide you with login(s) to a portal where you can search and download messages from the archives.

Is it expensive?

Its actually very inexpensive to add our cloud based filtering and archival services.

Filtering starts at $1.35/user/month; Archival at $1.90/user/month. If you get both filtering and archival, the bundle starts at $3.25/user/month.

Note that the pricing here is per “user” — that means per physical person and not per address.  Email “aliases” or “fake addresses” are free as long as you do not have excessive numbers of them compared to your physical users.  Also be aware that the archival storage comes with unlimited disk space — you can archive as much email as you send and receive without worrying about space.

Do I really need it?

If you are getting too much spam and/or have a compliance or business need for email archives then you really should consider these options.  Every business should have its email archived — you never know when you absolutely need all correspondence from one employee or vendor for legal or other reasons. It’s always too late if you wait.

To sign up, click on “Order” and choose “Email Filtering and/or Archival”, or just click here.


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