February 27th, 2004

Added Email Features

Envelope Recipient Tracking: LuxSci’s inbound email servers now add a new header to email messages as they arrive. This “X-Lux-Envelope-Recipient:” header contains the email address of the “envelope recipient” — this is the email address to which delivery was intended when the message arrived at the inbound server. This address may well differ from the addresses To and Cc headers. In particular, if an email message is BCC’ed (blind carbon copied) to you, you will see which of your addresses was included in the BCC in this new header. The presence of this new header depends on the existence of the envelope recipient information being present in the “Received” header lines.

Email Filtering: The Email Filtering Tool now allows your to create email filtering recipes which add a user-defined header to the messages which they match. These custom headers can be used in successive filters, or can be used in your email client to further process the message.

Administration: LuxSci has added two new account administration features. 1. The “User Status Report” gives administrators a report on the status of all users and include the date when each user last logged into WebMail, POP, IMAP, or SMTP. This report is an easy way to get an overview of the users in an account. 2. The “Database Summary Report” contains a list of all MySQL databases in an account and the current disk space used by each. From this report administrators can also view a graph of the disk space used by each database over the past 30 days.

WebMail / IMAP Compatibility: Now you can disable automatic expunging of deleted messages in WebMail using a new WebMail Preference. If you disable automatic expunging, then messages that are deleted or moved to new folders will simply be marked for deletion and not permanently removed from the original email folder. To remove messages marked for deletion, you must use the new “Expunge” command located in the “More Options” menu of the check email screen.

Note that although automatic expunging is and has been the default, it is not the standard behavior of IMAP. Disabling automatic expunging of deleted messages will result in WebMail behaving much more like IMAP.

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