March 6th, 2015

Address Book Entry Editor Face Lift

LuxSci has just completed a full frontal facelift on its Address Book entry editor — the tool used to create new address book entries and edit existing ones.  The revised editor has been created to function somewhat like the new WebMail composer tool.

The new Address Book Editor features:

  1. Click on any field to edit it; Click away or click on save to have the changes auto-saved
  2. No need to “save your changes” … A new entry is made and changes are saved automatically as you edit
  3. Drag and drop file attachment upload and preview just like the new WebMail Composer
  4. View file attachments right from the editor, just click on one.
  5. While only the most commonly used fields are show by default, you can add any other fields that you may need “on the fly”.
  6. Uploading contact profile pictures by clicking on the profile picture area and selecting an image file.  Updates occur in real time.
  7. Speed – opening the editor, making changes, and saving changes is now faster.  There is also no longer a “Quick New” entry option — as the new editor is as fast as the old “Quick New” feature.
  8. Real-time validation.  For fields, like email address, where the format of your input matters — validation is done right when you are entering the information.

The Address Book Entire is first.  Over the rest of 2015, we expect to update the entry editors for the rest of the WebAides in an analogous manner.

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