August 30th, 2008

Address Book User Interface Overhaul

The user interface for the WebAide Address Books has been completely re-written for both the regular and Xpress portals. The overhaul in the regular portal makes the Address Books look and work like our AJAX-based webmail and takes advantage of modern browser features like browser storage. In the Xpress portal, the address book interface has been simplified, streamlined, and made to look and work well on the narrow screens of mobile devices.


Some of the notable improvements in address books include:

  • Fast user interface integrated with WebMail
  • View, search, and sort the entries of any combination of address books. Page through all entries instantly.
  • Once you view your address books, they are remembered by your browser. Thus, returning to your address books later will be very fast.
  • Use drag and drop to move or copy entries from one address book to another.
  • Use in-page dialog boxes to move or copy entries to another address book or a new address books.
  • Edit or create new entries in a popup that works just like the new email message creation window.
  • Create many simple new entries quickly with our in-page "quick new" dialog box.
  • Reformat the titles of some or all entries quickly
  • View subscribed and unsubscribed address books in a tree interface just like folders are viewed in the email interface.
  • Subscribe to and unsubscribe from address books directly from the new interface (you no longer have to go to a WebAide management screen for this).
  • Full screen viewing modes
  • Printable entry views
  • Send email messages easily to selected contacts
  • Enhanced advanced search options
  • Easily export (to CSV or vCard) entire address books or just the matches to your search.
  • Create new address books directly from the address book viewing interface.
  • Use short-cut keyboard commands to perform common actions (like new, copy, delete, etc.).
  • Licensed WebAide users can now add attachments to any address book entry. Attachments are no longer limited in size or the number that you can add to an entry.

Of course, our other great features like global and explicit sharing, synchronization with Outlook, LDAP access, etc., are all still there.

Over the next several months, LuxSci will be converting all of the other WebAides (i.e. calendars, tasks, documents, etc.) into a similar fast and well-integrated modern interface. We will also be updating their Xpress portal interfaces (As well as that of Xpress email) to work well on the small screens of mobile phones.

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