December 20th, 2013

Advantages of Dedicated Servers at LuxSci

LuxSci has recently expanded its Dedicated Server offerings to now include many extremely scalable and cost effective choices for our customers.

A customer with Dedicated Server(s) has one or more servers, managed by LuxSci, whose sole purpose is to provide email, web hosting, email marketing, form processing, and/or other services to that customer specifically.  This is contrasted with “Shared Servers” where many customers share the resources of the same servers.

Why Dedicate Yourself?

Many customers prefer Dedicated Servers to shared hosting for a variety of reasons, including cost, security, and privacy.  The list below highlights areas you may want to consider before making a purchase decision.

A Better SLA The Service Level Agreement for all dedicated servers is better than that for shared hosting. While shared hosting guarantees 99.99+% uptime, dedicated environments guarantee 100% network uptime, 100% power and HVAC uptime, and a very short hardware replacement time window.
No Sharing=
Better for You:
Since no other LuxSci customers will be using your dedicated server:

  • The actions of other customers cannot affect your server availability
  • The actions of other customers cannot affect your server performance
  • The actions of other customers cannot affect your server’s reputation

While LuxSci goes to great lengths to minimize that impact of the actions of one customer on the services of other customers in a shared environment; by its vary nature, there is only so much that can be done to defend against customer mistakes, ignorance, malicious actions, and attacks. By the time they are detected and dealt with in a shared environment, it is possible that the culprit’s actions may have affected other customers, even if only marginally or for a short time.

More Privacy: If no other customers have access to your server, then any data on that server is safer than on a shared system. No matter what software safeguards are in place to segregate the data of shared customers, a physical separation is always better.  This is especially important for customers with compliance needs, such as HIPAA.
Less Expensive Users: In a dedicated environment, the per-user price for regular services (POP, IMAP, SMTP, Basic Email Filtering, and WebAides) and of SecureLine is 50% of the price in a shared environment.  This allows accounts with many uses to scale in price better in a dedicated environment.
Unlimited Tiers: If you require “unlimited” services, these can be made available on dedicated servers, where the limit is only based on the performance level of the server that you choose to purchase.  E.g.

  1. Unlimited SecureForm data posting
  2. Unlimited Private Labeling.
  3. Unlimited web sites and MySQL databases
  4. Removing limits and throttles on things like maximum numbers of concurrent connections and frequency of connections for various services.
SSH Access LuxSci does not permit SSH shell access for web hosting customers in shared accounts, for security reasons.  We do permit non-root SSH access on dedicated servers.

See also: Dedicated or Shared?

Low Price. High Quality.

After considering the factors above, take a look at our new pricing model. There are two types of dedicated servers available: Basic and Premium.  These are very similar in terms of performance; however, the Premium servers reside on a hardware infrastructure that allows them to keep operating even in the event of the failure of the underlying hardware.  E.g. if the underlying server processor or memory or some other component fails and causes the server to crash … your Premium dedicated server will automatically move to run on another machine with only a moment’s hiccup.  With a Basic server, such a failure would cause downtime for your dedicated server while the underlying hardware is replaced. Premium servers are appropriate for customers that cannot afford any downtime.

Dedicated servers start as low as:

  • $100/mo for High Volume Outbound Email Marketing Servers
  • $200/mo for Premium High Volume Outbound Email Servers.
  • $100/mo for Dedicated Web and Database Hosting Servers
  • $100/mo for Dedicated Inbound Email Processing or Filtering Servers
  • $100/mo for Dedicated Email + Web Hosting

The price increases as you add on features and capacity to the servers; however, you can host many more users in a way that is much more cost effective than shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting is often a better choice for our customers and is the recommended LuxSci solution. As such, we encourage customers to choose dedicated solutions over shared when it is optimal.

Please contact Sales for an assessment of your hosting vs. dedicated options.

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