April 25th, 2012

Advantages of Third-Party Email Archival over “Do It In-House”

For some organizations, the question of whether to purchase Premium Email Archiving is simply a question of why they should turn to a third party for their archival needs. It is tempting for these IT departments to simply set up their own system or to just rely on backup. Yet there are many driving reasons for turning to an independent third party for your email archival needs.

Top Reasons Not to Archive In-house

  1. Single Points of Failure – Eliminate single points of failure and a lack of off-site redundancy.
  2. Vendor Issues – Eliminate technical issues resulting between use of software from multiple vendors in house.
  3. Corruption and Reliability – Hardware failure is the number one threat to business continuity, ahead of viruses, blackouts, fires, and other issues. Eliminate hardware failure as an issue.
  4. Performance and Scalability – Eliminate the problem of declining performance as your archival data store grows ever larger.
  5. Implementation and Maintenance – IT departments are constantly battling storage nightmares and 33% of companies cannot implement business continuity solutions due to lack of time, money or expertise.

Lower the IT Burden

Building and maintaining a powerful email archival system is not the simplest of tasks. By purchasing instead of creating your system, you can greatly reduce the stress and project burden of your IT department, leaving them to more pressing tasks. As a fully-managed service, Premium Email Archival requires very little set up and even less upkeep.

Why Tape Backups are not Good Archives

  1. Ineffective and costly eDiscovery – There are no content-based search and restore options.
  2. Gaps – These backups do not include messages deleted before the backup runs.
  3. Cannot prevent tampering – Tape backups save messages that have been edited, without any kind of audit trail.
  4. Poor Security – Tapes can be destroyed, lost, or stolen.
  5. Disasters – Less than 33% of companies save backups in an off-site location.

Prevent Conflicts of Interest

In any organization, it is easy to see that conflicts of interest may arise when a company is archiving its own email communications. By turning to an independent third party, you eliminate the issues that may exist otherwise. When faced with compliance regulations, doubt about the standards of your email archival methods is the last thing you need. By using our Premium Email Archival, this doubt disappears.

Catch All Emails

Many in-house systems of archival work by employing nightly backups of employee email. One problem with this method, however, is that it doesn’t necessarily catch all the emails you would like it to. Emails that received and deleted the same day are susceptible to being lost forever. With Premium Email Archival, updates to the archive are made in real-time, ensuring that all emails are stored. In addition to this, we also have prevention against loss due to server failure. With redundant servers in different locations and hard copies of emails, Premium Email Archival storage capabilities far surpass the abilities of an in-house solution.

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