January 17th, 2014

Affordable Dedicated Servers and Cloud Offerings

LuxSci has a history of helping businesses with mission-critical needs by providing highly customized solutions on dedicated server(s).  These are fully-outsourced, high-performing, reliable, and private instances of LuxSci’s email, web hosting, and SecureForm services, managed and supported by LuxSci.

Recently, the physical server has grown out of the price range of our customers whose situation and/or budget require a dedicated environment.  Server providers are consolidating towards more powerful physical servers and cheap Cloud servers.

In response, LuxSci has expanded its dedicated offerings to include ones that are significantly less expensive.  We now have 3 types of dedicated server offerings, starting from $100/mo and with no long-term contract:

  • Dedicated Business Servers, hosted in Rackspace’s Public server cloud,
  • Dedicated Enterprise Servers, hosted in LuxSci’s ultra-reliable Private server cloud at Rackspace
  • Physical Dedicated Servers, hosted with Rackspace

Prices include:

  • Hardware: The server hardware available through the Server Provider
  • Software: The license fees for running LuxSci software and frequent software updates.
  • Maintenance: Server monitoring and management by LuxSci
  • Support: Technical support by LuxSci

All of these server options have some basic properties in common:

  1. Hosted at Rackspace
  2. Support HIPAA compliance
  3. Support legitimate bulk emailing, as per our High Volume and Premium High Volume outbound email services.
  4. Have redundant hardware firewalls as well as software firewalls
  5. Have redundant physical networking and power

Business Cloud Servers

Cloud servers in the Rackspace Public Cloud are ideal because they are:

  • The least expensive server offering available
  • Can be up and running in the shortest amount of time

The down side of Business Cloud Servers is that their SLA is very good, but not quite on par with a Enterprise Cloud or Physical Server, and the Business Cloud Servers do not have the same kind of reliability that the Enterprise Cloud Servers — being resilient against hardware failure.

Enterprise Cloud Servers

The Enterprise Cloud Server is hosted in LuxSci own Private Cloud environment at Rackspace. This environment includes:

  1. Cloud Server data stored on a separate disk array (and not locally on the physical servers)
  2. Use of automatic VMWare vMotion allows Cloud Servers to survive the failure of any of the underlying physical servers…. resulting is a very high level of reliability.

These servers are an attractive choice because:

  • They are very affordable and very configurable
  • They offer extreme server reliability, where business critical performance is paramount

Physical Dedicated Servers

With Cloud Servers as options, where does that leave Physical Servers?  These are the most expensive hardware and are recommended if:

  • You need very large disk arrays, load balancers, SANs, Memory, CPU, or other premium configurations.
  • You want a Dedicated Server in close physical proximity to your Cloud Server.
  • You do not want to share physical hardware with any other customers.

What are the the Differences and Do I Need Dedicated?

To compare the differences between these various dedicated server offerings and to contrast them to what you would get with shared (non-dedicated) email or web services with LuxSci, see:

Dedicated or Shared?

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  3. palcomonline Says:

    While buying a server hosting plan, the buyer should find out whether the plan is un-managed server or fully managed server since an unmanaged server greatly reduces the overhead cost of a dedicated server provider and it comes with low price tags.
    The buyers should know exactly what is covered under managed services. Here is a guide for the buyers, but remember this list is not exhaustive as many times buyers’ need are different:

    * Kernel Upgrades, OS patches, System pre installed services updates.
    * Custom DNS configuration
    * Software Firewall Installation and Configuration
    * Backups and restoration help if needed
    * Control panel Updates
    * DLL setup Assistance
    * Assistance in, creating, deleting, setting up email
    * Assistance in system alerts or warnings
    * Mysql updates, Database corruption assistance
    * SSL configuration and installation
    * Email/FTP troubleshooting
    * High Server Load troubleshooting
    * Bandwidth monitoring & management
    * Hardware Replacement as per SLA
    * Server Recovery on failure
    * Failed Drive service restoration
    * Hands on help with preinstall system settings

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