February 25th, 2011

All New MySQL Database Management Tools

LuxSci has released a new set of tools that will give customers better and easier access to manage their MySQL databases.  Using the LuxSci web interface,  customers are now able to issue SQL commands and queries, upload batches of SQL commands (i.e. mysqldump files), download backups of their databases (i.e. as mysqdump files), and quickly empty their databases of all tables.

These tools are available under the “Account – Account Administration – Databases” area.

Issue SQL Commands

The new “Issue SQL Commands” web-based tool enables Account Administrators to issue individual SQL commands and queries against their MySQL databases and view the results (either as formatted HTML tables or as CSV downloads). Frequently used SQL statements can be saved for quick retrieval and reuse.

Upload SQL Command File

Account Administrators can now upload SQL batch files up to 500MB in size and have all of the commands therein be sequentially run against their database.  This is ideal for setting up a new database with a default schema, or for importing a database exported from another database.

This import tool supports uploading compressed batch files (compressed with zip, gzip, or compress) to speed upload and to enable processing of larger files.

Delete All Tables

It is often useful to be able to “reset a database” by clearing out all tables — without actually deleting the database or getting new login credentials for a new database.  The “Delete All Tables” command does just that — it shows you all tables currently there, and once confirmed, “drops” them all for you.

Download MySQLdump

While LuxSci automatically backs up your databases for you and keeps backups for up to 4 weeks, it is often very useful for database administrators to be able to download their own database backups to:

  • Quickly copy the database and bring into a local or development environment
  • Make manual backups for extra redundancy
  • Export a database for re-import elsewhere
  • Export a database for local editing, which can then be re-imported later

The Download MySQLdump tool allows Account Administrators to download a mysqldump of their database on demand.  The export is performed and a download link is emailed to the administrator within a few minutes.

Note that only databases whose total size is 500MB or less can be exported “on demand” like this.  Larger databases can be exported manually by Support if needed.

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