September 17th, 2013

Apple iOS7 supports Automatic Notes Synchronization

iPhone 4Apple is releasing iOS7 for all compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices on September 18th.  Lost among the hype of this extremely updated version of the Apple mobile operating system is the fact that Apple mobile devices will support synchronization of “Notes” via Exchange ActiveSync.

This means that LuxSci customers using MobileSync to real-time push synchronization of email, calendars, tasks, and contacts, can now also have real-time push synchronization of the “Notes” in their mobile device to the Notes WebAides in their LuxSci web interface.

Benefits of Notes Sync

With automatic notes sync:

  1. All of your notes can be automatically synchronized in real-time across all of your apply mobile devices and also available via any web browser
  2. Your notes are automatically backed up nightly via LuxSci’s standard backup system.
  3. You can make and manage notes on your computer and see these on your mobile device when you leave.
  4. Note taking and synchronization can now be HIPAA compliant — something you generally cannot get with most of the popular third party notes applications available.  You just need to open a LuxSci account that has HIPAA compliance as a component.

What else should I know?

Notes sync also works with Blackberry 10 … the only other mobile device currently supporting notes sync via Exchange ActiveSync (even Outlook 2013 with its ActiveSync support will not synchronize notes yet).

The caveat is that, while LuxSci’s web based notes application supports HTML-formatted notes, notes edited on iOS7 and Blackberry are plain text.  This is a current limitation of these devices and does not affect usability as long as you do not need to edit visually complex notes on these devices.

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