June 11th, 2010

Attach Documents WebAide Files to New Email Messages

LuxSci’s WebAides Documents have been enhanced for quick and easy sending of one or more saved files via email.

In a Documents WebAide that you are using for file storage:

  1. Select one or more documents (files) with your mouse.
  2. Start a new outbound email message with these files attached by either:
    • Selecting “Entries > Email Files” from the menu, or
    • Pressing “Control-Z”, or
    • Clicking on the “Email Files” toolbar command, if you have added that option
  3. The WebMail email composer is now open in a new window with these files already attached and ready to go!

Some benefits of this new feature are:

  • Selecting multiple Documents WebAides (files) to send is easy and straightforward.
  • If some files are encrypted, you will be prompted to decrypt and/or skip them as needed.
  • You have the option to send the new email message and attached files using SecureLine end-to-end encryption.

Going forward, we plan to add a similar feature to other WebAides (Calendars, Address Books, Notes, Blogs, etc.) so that you can easily export those entries directly into email messages for delivery to any recipient.

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