January 29th, 2004

Audit Reports

Additional Login Auditing Reports. We have added 2 new reports for login auditing. The new “POP Summary” report gives a summary of the number of connections that you are making to your POP server each hour. Since we have a cutoff of no more than 1 connection every 2 minutes, you can use this report to see exactly how often we think you are connecting. The new “SMTP Summary” report gives you a daily summary of the total number of messages sent, recipients, and bandwidth used by sending email (WebMail is excluded). Since for most users we have a 200 message/day limit on outgoing email, this report tells you exactly how many messages we think you are sending each day. The other existing POP, SMTP, and IMAP reports give you details on each and every connection that you make to the servers so you can see when and from where you are connecting.

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