May 2nd, 2013

Automated Emails now Spiffier and Brandable

LuxSci sends many different kinds of automated email messages to users and account administrators.  Some examples include:

  • Support Ticket updates
  • Alerts of login successes and/or failures
  • Spam quarantine reports
  • Reports on the failed sending of email messages or spam feedback loops
  • Notifications of reaching or exceeding various types of limits
  • Status notifications from automated or periodic processes
  • many, many more

Until recently, a large majority of these automated email messages were simple “plain text” messages and the ones that were HTML, used very simple, plain markup.

LuxSci has now updated its system so that

  • All of these automated email messages use HTML markup to make them much cleaner looking and simpler to read
  • All of these messages now have a consistent look and feel.
  • Customers with Private Labeling can customize the look of these messages.

Customization via Private Labeling

Customers with Private Labeled Branding will see a new section called under “Advanced Configuration” called “Support Email Template”.

There, a nice looking generic template is provided for all customers so that their automated HTML-formatted email messages will look good and be branded.

Customers that desire it can

  • Edit that template to include any header / footer HTML for these automated email messages
  • Use their own company logos and tag lines
  • Add any descriptive or informational text that is desired to the top of bottom of these messages

Essentially, you provide a complete HTML document for use in these emails.  This document will contain the word “CONTENT” somewhere … and that is where the “meat” of the message body will be substituted before the message is sent.

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