November 19th, 2010

Automatic Email Responses: The Next Level

LuxSci has extensively revised and enhanced its “AutoResponder” tools to provide a very intuitive interface and some new, advanced features that transform the concept of AutoResponder from your basic “vacation” notice into a customizable, auditable, email response platform.

What is new?

  • Custom Response Criteria: AutoResponders can now be linked to Custom Email Filters.  This enables you to designate complex criteria for when an AutoResponder will be used.  For example, respond based on the sender address, the subject content, body content, header content, message size, etc.
  • Audit Trail: Users can now view or download  a history of all responses sent by their AutoResponders.  This history includes: when the response was sent, to whom, which AutoResponder was used, and the subject of the original email message.
  • HTML Editor: For AutoResponders with HTML response body content, this content can now be edited directly using our web-based visual HTML editor tools.
  • Many Responders: Users can now create any number of AutoResponders and keep them around to be used as needed.  Combined with our scheduling features, you can now have different AutoResponses enabled at different times in the future.

What has changed?

In addition to a fresh user interface for managing AutoResponders, we have changed:

  • The limit on the maximum number of responses sent/user/day (default of 200, but which can be increased) has been changed to a limit on the number of responses sent/responder/day. This gives a great deal of additional flexibility when using multiple responders.

Combined with many of our existing AutoResponder features such as:

  • Scheduling – the ability to set a time window in the future when the responder will automatically enable and then later disable itself
  • Nagging – the ability to have daily reminders sent to you after a certain date, to remind you to manually disable an autoresponder.

We believe that the AutoResponder tools now lend themselves to a wider variety of applications from the simple vacation messages, to complex customer support and sales response scenarios.

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