April 19th, 2012

Automatic Notifications of Email Delivery Status

Whether you send a modest number of messages for business purposes or millions for marketing, the disposition of these messages — successfully delivered, failures, and which are “still trying” is valuable information.

This “delivery status tracking” is key to:

  • Ensuring that the correct people have received your messages
  • Ensuring that mailing campaigns are being delivered properly to recipients’ mail boxes
  • Pruning mailing lists of invalid addresses
  • Checking the status of specific messages

LuxSci has provided tools for detailed tracking of the status of all messages, to all recipients for some time.  In the LuxSci web interface, users can generate detail and aggregate reports of messages sent, including tracking codes that can be used by the recipient to further track messages that were apparently successfully delivered to them, but which were perhaps lost in their own email systems.

In some cases, logging in and manually generating these reports is not optimal.  For example:

  • Having delivery status updates auto-delivered to you via email can be a quick and simple way to track the status of key messages.
  • The need to expose message tracking details in your own interfaces/systems.  Having that data “streamed” to you enables this with minimal overhead.

LuxSci now provides “Email Delivery Status Digests”.  These are email messages that can be sent at a specified periodicity (e.g. hourly) to one or more email addresses (up to 10) and which contain all delivery status updates for all messages sent since that previous emailed digest was sent.

These digests can contain all updates for:

  • All messages sent by a specific user, or
  • All messages sent by all users in a domain, or
  • All messages sent by all users in an account

The digest email messages contain a simple HTML report which can be viewed in any email program.  They also contain a more detailed “CSV” attachment that can be opened in Excel or imported into a database.

If you want to know what is happening with your sent messages and do not want to wait for or rely on bounces, or assume that a message is delivered just because there has been no bounce, then enabling Email Delivery Status Digests is a great option.

Digests can be configured in your LuxSci account:

  • Account-wide: under “Account > Administration > Advanced Administration > Email > Delivery Status Digests”
  • Domain wide: under “Account > Administration > Domains > select the domain > Outbound Email Tools > Delivery Status Digests”
  • Per user: under “Email > My Email Tools > Outbound Email > Delivery Status Digests”


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