January 15th, 2002

Basic anti-Spam Filtering Released

You can turn basic SPAM filtering on and off in your WebMail Preferences or in the SPAM Filter Configuration Tool located in the menu.

The SPAM Filter detects email that is 99% likely to be spam, email that is likely to be SPAM, and email that may contain one of several prevalent viruses. You can use the SPAM Filter Configuration Tool to have these messages sorted to different email folders, deleted, returned to the sender for confirmation that they are not SPAM, or forwarded with complaints to the sender and their ISP.

You can further configure your SPAM Filter by supplying a “White List” of people’s email addresses and/or domains that will never be considered SPAM. This is especially useful if certain people that you correspond with occasionally get their email classified as SPAM for some reason.

If you download your email via POP, the SPAM Filter will add special headers to your email messages so that you can configure your POP email client to sort the email messages when they are downloaded to your computer. See the online help for details.

This SPAM filter is not a virus scanner, although it may catch some common viruses. We strongly suggest that you employ a commercial virus scanner on your computer and fully scan all incoming email. See McAfee.com for one such product.

We suggest you enable your SPAM Filter and use the default settings for a while and read the SPAM Filter Help to learn more about the many ways of configuring your filter.

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