May 1st, 2005

BCC me and Long Line Wrapping

LuxSci has added several new preferences to WebMail. These include:

  • BCC to me: This new preference causes the “BCC” field to be pre-filled with your email address when you send messages from WebMail making it easier to send copies of all outbound email messages to yourself. See this preference in your “Email Composition Preferences”.
  • Wrapping long lines: A new preference has been added to your Email Display and Email Listing Preferences. It allows long strings of non-space characters to be automatically broken in certain places so that these long lines can be wrapped. Without this preference, very long lines could force your browser window to be very wide and require you to scroll your window horizontally to see your full message content. By default, long strings of characters are now allowed to be broken after every 80 characters; you can adjust this in your preferences.

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