February 18th, 2009

Bulk Decryption and Export of Saved Passwords

LuxSci’s Passwords WebAide, which has been extensively updated,  makes it quick and easy to securely store all of your numerous passwords in one central location, and to share access to these with other users on a per-password basis, if needed.  We’ve just made it very easy to also export your saved encrypted passwords from the Passwords WebAide.  Use this feature to make your own backups of password lists, plus get printer friendly lists of those passwords to save in a secure location or to use as a reference when updating passwords.

This new export solution is only available to users who have administrative access to the Passwords WebAide — you do not have to worry about non-administrative users who have shared access to the same password lists; they can’t bulk export or bulk view passwords, for security reasons.

In particular, users will see a new “View all Password Data” option in the “View” submenu in the Passwords WebAide area.  This command will:

  • Iterate through all entries matching the current search and attempt to decrypt them and load the password information; i.e. username, password, location, and notes.
  • Prompt you when passwords to PGP certificates are needed for decryption.
  • Skip entries that you do not have permission to access.
  • Allow you to skip entries encrypted using a PGP certificate to which you have forgotten your password.

Once all of the data has been loaded, the user is presented with a pop-up window containing two parts:

  • A formatted table containing all of the decrypted information for all of the entries.  This table is formatted to be printer friendly.
  • A form field containing the same data in CSV (Comma Separated Variables) format.  This can easily be saved to a file that can be opened in any spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel.

Note that comments on passwords, attachments, and metadata (last modified time, etc.) are not exported in this manner; only the critical data is: entry title, username, password, location, tags, and notes.

With this easy method of exporting all of the passwords stored in Passwords WebAide, administrators can feel at ease managing passwords because they can make their own backups and quickly get a global view of all of this senstive data, if needed.

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