Case Study: Fully Debranded HIPAA Compliant Services

Published: April 9th, 2012

The limitations imposed upon hospitals and medical practices in order to meet HIPAA standards often make it easier and more cost-effective to outsource your email to an outside provider such as LuxSci. However, we understand that this can sometimes feel like you’re completely giving up the reins to your email, as it were. LuxSci’s HIPAA Compliant solution safeguards your account to minimize any potential breaches, lapses in security, or other HIPAA violations, but this doesn’t mean that you have no control over your account at all.

Whether for legal reasons, to resell LuxSci’s HIPAA Compliant services, or simply to uphold a professional image, you can use our Private Labeling to fully debrand your account while still taking advantage of one of the best and most complete secure email solutions available. Our Private Labeling service works hand-in-hand with your HIPAA Compliance so that you can still use your own name, domain, logos, and color scheme to present a unified set of services and interface to your users and customers while guaranteeing the privacy and security of their email.

A recent customer of ours had just such a list of requirements, as they wished to resell LuxSci’s HIPAA Compliant services. Specifically, they needed:

  • A customized login page for our WebMail interface, replacing LuxSci’s logo, colors, and motto with their own.
  • A debranded, SSL-enabled URL for the entire WebMail interface, replacing “” with their own secure domain.
  • A debranded subdomain to allow secure POP/IMAP/SMTP access to our mail server, replacing “” with “”.
  • A second debranded subdomain for submitting form data from their web site to our SecureForm service.
  • A third debranded subdomain to be used as the SSL-enabled URL for LuxSci’s SecureSend portal, which allows any recipient of their secure messages to reply back to them securely.
  • Debranding of our Mobile Sync domain, allowing their users to synchronize Address Books and Calendars on supported phones and mobile devices via their own domain (i.e. “”).

By using these options together, they were able to fully debrand their HIPAA Compliant account, removing any and all mention of LuxSci and allowing them to then offer it to their own customers as their own solution.

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