March 28th, 2011

Case Study: Managers Fill in Web Forms Nightly; You Download the Data in a Spreadsheet

We recently had an interesting use case posed to us by an existing customer.  They are a chain of restaurants and they need:

1. The managers of these restaurants to fill out an online form nightly

2. The form data to be transmitted securely and saved

3. To be able to securely download a spreadsheet of all of the submitted form data in the morning.

They wanted to know if there was any existing solution for this scenario … and how complicated it might be to set up.  

It turns out that with LuxSci’s SecureForm solution, this scenario is very easy to solve.  In particular:

1. The customer would design their web form to ask all of the appropriate questions

2. The form would be configured to post its data to the LuxSci SecureForm service.

3. The SecureForm service would be configured to save the posted data as a CSV file in a Documents WebAide (a sharable file storage location provided by LuxSci).

4. LuxSci’s Documents WebAides interface has a nifty feature where you can select any number of  CSV files and download a “merged CSV file” where all of the data in the individual files is merged together into a master file containing all of the possible rows and columns.  This is easily opened in a program like Microsoft Excel to view all of the posted data from a selected time period.

The customer could have also opted to have SecureForm save the data to a MySQL database and then have a program that queried this database as needed to downloaded and/or analyze the submitted data.  Storage to MySQL is another feature of SecureForms.

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