June 23rd, 2010

Case Study: Quick Access To Do Lists and Notes

If you are like me, then you have a bunch of paper Post- it notes, note pads, and other ways to track your notes and “to do” lists. These lists are not with me everywhere, however. And I have found that using “to do” list software that requires you to go to a special page or run a special program to access the list is also not ideal — especially if that electronic ” to do” list is not immediately available from any computer that I may be using!  I just never stick with it.

LuxSci WebAides and Workspaces provide an elegant solution that makes access to notes and “to do” lists (and many other productivity tools) quick and easy from any computer when accessing any page of your LuxSci web interface.

How does it work?

Any user with a WebAide license can add “To Do” list Widgets to their Welcome Page Workspace (or any other Workspace that they have added).  All users can add “Notepad” widgets to their Workspace(s).

To Do: The “To Do” list Widget allows you manage a simple to do list (based on an underlying WebAide Task list) right from your Workspace:

  • Quickly add items
  • Mark items as complete
  • Delete items
  • Change the priority of items, and thus their sorting

Notes: The “Notepad” Widget allows you to edit a plain text or HTML notebook, with all changes saved automatically and with spell checking as you type.

Quick Access: Having these widgets in your Workspace is good; however, usability comes from being able to pull up the Notepad or To Do list instantly from any page of LuxSci’s web interface.

Make a hot key: If you click on the Menu Icon on the right side of the Widget title bar and choose “Quick Access Hotkey”, you can set a custom hot key for that Widget.  Then, when you press that hot key combination in any page of LuxSci’s web interface, your Widget will immediately display over what you are currently working on so that you can review and edit your Notes or To Dos (or the contents of any Widget that you have accessed).  When you are done, you close the overlay and are right back where you were working.

No more Post-it notes

I have LuxSci’s web interface open most of the time, so I have ditched my Post-it notes and other assorted devices for managing notes and “to dos” and use hot keys to manage them online instead.  The notes and tasks are always with me and always there to be edited.  Furthermore, it is good to know that the information saved in these widgets is backed up automatically for me by LuxSci.

Works with any Widget

Hot keys for instant access work with all LuxSci Widgets.  These include:

  • Custom user-defined and Third-party Widgets
  • Notepads
  • RSS Feeds, Twitter Feeds, Blog Feeds
  • Email Folder checking
  • Address Books access
  • To Do List and Task List access
  • Calendar Access
  • Document Storage Access
  • Web Page Link List Access
  • Account Administration Widgets

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