June 16th, 2007

Changes to the Email Folder Management Interface

LuxSci has made significant changes to the user interface and facilities available to users under "Email Folders" area. The noteworthy changes to the email folders tool include:

  • The look and feel has been significantly improved.
  • The folder properties are now viewed and edited on the same page as the folder tree.
  • You determine the total number of messages and the number of unread messages in all of your folders. Similarly, you can also determine the total disk space used by each folder.
  • Copy/Move to New Folder: This new command allows you to easily copy or move ALL messages from one folder to another folder.
  • Auto-Archival: The auto-archival feature has a new option that allows you to have newly created archival folders be subfolders, rather than at the same level, to the folder archived. This provides for a better organized folder tree.
  • Duplicate Removal: The duplicate message removal feature has been enhanced with the addition of the new duplicate comparison criteria "tags and flags". This criterion allows you to include all custom tags associated with your messages and their flags (read, flagged, replied, etc.) when determining if two messages are to be considered duplicates of each other. Any difference in the tags or flags will result in the messages being considered "different".
  • Download Folder as EML: This command now allows you to download your folder as an archive of "EML" files (where each message is a separate file in the "EML" format). These standard files can be easily read by email programs like Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird and thus allow you to easily access your downloaded email or to import it into other programs.
  • Review Tags: Message "Tags" in use in the folder can be viewed in the .Review Tags. section. It is also possible to remove these tags from the folder in this section.
  • Folder Sharing: This new section allows you to share your email folders with other users in a read-only or read-write manner.
  • QuickCheck: What used to be called "folder subscriptions" is now referred to as adding folders to the "QuickCheck" group. This is the group of folders whose status is displayed in your Welcome Page
  • Subscriptions: If one or more folders have been shared with you by other users, you can see all of these folders, from whom they are shared, and the level of access you have to them. You can also "subscribe" (and "unsubscribe") to these folders. Subscribed shared folders will be visible in your WebMail interface; unsubscribed ones are only visible in your Email Folders tool.
  • Folder Synchronization: Email folder "synchronization" now not only updates your folders so that they match what is actually on disk, it also updates your list of shared folders and the list of email templates available to you. This is performed when you login and go to your WebMail message list page, provided that there has not been a recent synchronization. As always, you can also use the synchronization commands in the WebMail message list page or the Email Folders tool to have your folders synchronized "on demand".

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