December 12th, 2012

Checkboxes are back … by popular demand

Users can now optionally use checkboxes to select multiple email messages and/or WebAide entries (e.g. contacts, passwords, files, etc.) in our regular web interface.

Up until about 2007,  LuxSci used checkboxes as the primary and only way to select email messages or WebAide entries for operations such as deletion, copying, etc.  In June 2007, we introduced our first AJAX-based WebMail interface — which made WebMail look and work like a desktop email program.  With this change came the shift from selecting an email message by clicking on checkboxes to clicking on the message “row”.  Selecting multiple messages is done by control-clicking and shift-clicking.

While this paradigm is still the standard in most desktop email programs, many Web-based email interfaces continue to use checkboxes for selecting messages and we have had multiple requests from customers for this functionality.  

Checkboxes are back!

We have once again listened to our customers and implemented a request that can enhance usability for customers who find checkbox use more familiar.

  1. Checkboxes are available in WebMail and all WebAides
  2. Click on the checkbox to select or de-select any message or item
  3. Click on the checkbox column title to select all or de-select all quickly

These new features combine seamlessly with our existing message selection features:

  1. Press Control-A or click on the “Messages > Select All” submenu option to select all messages
  2. Control-click or shift-click on the rows to select multiple messages or items
  3. Single click on a row to de-select all other rows and choose the clicked-on row.

You can use any combination of these features to speed up your workflow.

How do I get the new checkboxes?

New customers in new accounts should see them right away, as they are the new normal.

Existing customers who would like to add checkboxes to any of the Webmail or WebAide interfaces can do so by:

  1. Go to the interface page where you want checkboxes (e.g. your email message list page)
  2. Click on the icon () in the upper right corner of your message list (the header of the far right column in the message list)
  3. Choose “Select item checkbox” and press “Save Settings”.
  4. You will now see a column of checkboxes appear on the left of your list.

Similarly, if you don’t want checkboxes, you can remove them by going to that same column selection dialog box and de-selecting “Select item checkbox” from the list of columns to be displayed in your personal user interface.

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