December 13th, 2008

Collaboration: Updates to WebMail, Address Books, Calendars

LuxSci has released several improvements to its WebMail and WebAides user interfaces that add to your productivity and are more user friendly and powerful.  The most significant changes include:

Visual Customization of Your Message and WebAide Entry Lists

Using preferences, you have always been able to customize what columns are displayed in your WebMail message list and the WebAide entry lists.  You could also specify the order and size of these columns.  However, you can now perform these customizations visually in the main interface instead of going to your preferences (though these settings can still be configured via the preference pages).

  • Drag and drop the column headings to re-arrange the order.
  • Drag the separators between the column headings to re-size them.
  • Click on a small add/remove icon in the header bar to dynamically select which columns should be displayed.

All of these changes are visual, take effect instantly, and are automatically saved in your preferences. You can use this visual column management in WebMail, Address Books, Calendars, and Tasks.  As our other WebAides are updated over the next few months, they too will support this same functionality.

Printable List View for Calendars, Address Books, and Tasks

A new feature, "Printable List View" has been added to the "View" menu for Calendars, Address Books, and Tasks.  This new feature renders a printable view of all selected entries in a new window.   Some of the features of this view include:

  • Entries from ALL selected WebAides (i.e. you can print a consolidated view of multiple address books, calendars, etc.)
  • Only those entries matching the current search criteria are displayed.
  • The entries are sorted according to your current sort criteria.
  • All entries are shown — even if there are thousands.
  • The columns that you have selected for your current list view are the columns of data displayed … so you can easily create a custom report by customizing from your main interface and then making the printable list view.
  • When printed, the column headings will repeat on each new page.

WebMail and Calendars Updates

Some additional small updates have been made to WebMail and Calendars (in addition those mentioned previously).

  • A new preference has been added that allows you to disable email address auto-completion in the WebMail email composition page.
  • WebAides-licensed users of calendars who assign calendar entries to users or groups can now optionally have notifications automatically sent to these users to inform them of the assignment.  This can be used, for example, to notify of the scheduling of a meeting.

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