February 7th, 2014

Collaborative Access to Encrypted Archived Form Data with SecureForm

LuxSci SecureForm service uniquely enables web site and PDF forms to post their data and files to a secure URL and have that data automatically securely emailed to one or more recipients, uploaded to an S/FTP site, archived in an online collaborative WebAides file storage space, and/or saved to a MySQL database.  With a few clicks and minimal changes to existing forms, customers can have sophisticated and secure forwarding, processing, and storage of their form posts, including re-filling the posted data into template PDF, html, xml, and other files.

Collaborative Access to Encrypted Archived Form Data

When using SecureForm to store copies of uploaded form data to an online Documents WebAide, you can choose to have that data automatically encrypted so that only the “recipient” of the encryption (i.e. one of your users) can ever open it.  Not even LuxSci’s technical support staff would be able to access this data unless you specifically allowed it.  

In addition to being able to have your posts specifically encrypted for an individual, it is a little known feature that you can also encrypt the data for a WebAide Group of users.

In this case, any user in your account that belongs to that Group can access the encrypted data (provided you have given him/her the encryption password).  E.g. both Group membership and the encryption password (which you can change as needed) are required for access.

  1. You can add and remove users to/from the Group at any time and they will gain/lose access to the encrypted data.
  2. You can change the password to the Group encryption at any time.
  3. Stored data is backed up automatically for you.

Using WebAide Groups in this way allows easy management of multiple-person access together with keeping unique access controls (i.e. such as is required by HIPAA).

WebAide User Groups also allow you to:

  1. Create and manage email distribution lists
  2. Enable and control group access to email folders
  3. Enable and control group access to all WebAides: Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Blogs, Documents, Notes, Links, Passwords, etc.
  4. Enable and control group encryption for Passwords, Blogs, and Documents

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