Concerns about losing email during transition to LuxSci

I am afraid I will lose email during the transition between my current services and LuxSci.

Don’t Worry. When you switch your services from your current provider to LuxSci, there will be a transition period of a few hours to a day or so. During all or part of this time, your inbound email will be delivered to either your current (old) provider, or to LuxSci, depending on if the transition has “propagated” to the computers used by the person sending your email.

As a result, no email will be lost; however, email may arrive at either provider during the transition time.

We recommend that once the transition is complete, your user(s) connect to your old provider one last time and download any email that may be remaining on their servers.

If you are concerned about the impact of the transition, we recommend making it happen over the weekend. If you contact us, we can give you some technical suggestions on ways to minimize the transition window down to as little as 30 minutes!

See: Migrate Your Data to LuxSci for more details.