September 26th, 2013

Contest: Where do you LuxSci?

Picture ContestWe would like to see where you use LuxSci.  

Win What?

Up to $175 US – paid via check, paypal for credit to your LuxSci account.

3 Winners to be selected.

How To Enter:

To be eligible, you must:

  1. LuxSci: Pull up LuxSci email or web site (even just the home page) on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop — you don’t have to be a LuxSci user to show LuxSci’s web site on your phone.
  2. Picture: Have a picture taken of you with your device where ever you are using LuxSci.
  3. facebook: Post that picture to LuxSci’s facebook page and Like LuxSci on facebook (if you do not already).


Contest Duration:

The contest lasts from Thursday, September 26th, though the end of the day on November 1st, 2013 (so you have a chance for a Halloween shot).

Who Wins?

LuxSci staff will vote on the most creative and interesting pictures in unusual places (which are also in good taste).  If you add an interesting story as a comment to the picture, that can also help boost your chances!

  1. First prize: $100 US
  2. Second prize: $50 US
  3. Third prize: $25 US

Some rules:

  1. LuxSci must be visibly displayed on a device shown in the picture, e.g.
    1. LuxSci’s home page in a web browser or smartphone
    2. LuxSci regular or mobile WebMail
    3. A picture of a LuxSci Seal on your email signature or web site
    4. Other LuxSci-related content, text, or logos visible in your device
    5. It will be up to LuxSci to determine if the representation meets the intent of these guidelines.
  2. You do not have to be a LuxSci customer: Anyone 18 years old or over can be eligible.
  3. The same person can win multiple prizes with different pictures.
  4. Submission of pictures that are in poor taste, contain inappropriate content, etc., may be removed and disqualify you from this contest and future contests.  It is LuxSci’s sole discretion to determine if a picture meets this criteria.
  5. Submissions must be posted to LuxSci’s facebook page no later than midnight Eastern Time, November 1st, 2013.
  6. The winner must “Like” LuxSci on facebook.
  7. LuxSci employees and their family members are not eligible to win … though they are welcome to also post pictures.
  8. By entering this contest, you grant LuxSci unrestricted rights to use the submitted pictures in any way that LuxSci deems fit.  We will, however, not include any names or other identifying information (not already present within the pictures themselves) with these pictures when used in any public venue.

We will announce the winners and post copies of their photos in our LuxSci FYI blog before November 15th, 2013.  A link to that will also be posted on Twitter and facebook, as usual.  The winner can then contact us and let us know the best way to pay them.  Note that Twitter and facebook rules restrict us from directly informing the winner using those sites.
The winners have 90 days to let us know how to pay them.  The options are:

  1. Credit to an existing LuxSci account
  2. Money sent to any PayPal address
  3. Money mailed via check to any physical address in the USA or Canada

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