Continuity of services when transferring a domain to LuxSci

Will transferring my domain cause me to lose email or web services for any length of time?

During the domain transfer period, you should not lose email or web services. What will happen is that the new information about what servers are “in charge of” your web and/or email services will slowly percolate through the Internet. So, some viewers of your web site or senders of email to you will see the updates before others, resulting in some email going to your new LuxSci servers and some still going to your old servers, and similarly for your web traffic if you are transferring that to LuxSci as well.

LuxSci generally leaves your web site address pointing to your old site in our DNS settings until you are ready for the change.  Thus, the domain transfer would not impact your web site at all.  For email, you should either (a) use a short DNS TTL so that the transfer is fast and do it off hours, or (b) check your email at your old provider one last time once the transfer is complete — to get any “straggler” email messages.