August 27th, 2010

Convert Inbound Emails to Notes or Tasks, Automatically!

LuxSci has long offered the ability for WebAide-licensed users to create custom email filters which can take certain inbound email messages and save their content to a Blogs WebAide or save their attachments to a Documents WebAide.

The automatic processing inbound email based on filtering rules and storage into LuxSci’s collaborative tools automates many operations for many organizations.

Now, LuxSci’s custom email-to-WebAide filters support saving email messages to Notes and Tasks WebAides as well.

Notes: When storing an email in a Notes WebAide, the message content will be converted to plain text and saved as a new note with the note title being taken from the email subject.

Tasks: When saving an email to a Tasks WebAide, a new task entry is created that is due “now”.  This entry will have a title taken from your email subject, will contain all attachments in the original email, and will have a description taken from the content of your email message converted to plain text.

This is a great way to add notes or “to do” items by sending a quick email from your phone while you are “on the run”.  It can also be used to pick up automated alerts and other email messages and turn them into tasks or notes for later analysis.

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