September 4th, 2009

Custom SecureLine Escrow Notification Messages

SecureLine Escrow is the facet of LuxSci’s SecureLine service that allows users to send encrypted email messages to anyone with an email address.  With Escrow, the message is encrypted and stored in a secure database.  A notification message is sent to the recipient that informs them of a message waiting, along with the subject of the message and sender. The notification also provides a link to use to retrieve the secure message.

See “Send a Secure Email to Anyone” for more about how Escrow works.

Customers with Private Labeling can now customize the content of the email notification messages sent to recipients of SecureLine Escrow messages:

  • Specify an arbitrary template for the plain text version of the notice
  • Specify an arbitrary template for the HTML version of the notice
  • Include whatever instructions or custom content and branding that you require
  • Use placeholders to indicate where the “important stuff” like the link to pickup the message, the sender’s email address, etc. should be located.

Customers who want to customize these notices will find these settings in the “SecureLine” section of their Private Labeling configuration area.

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