February 10th, 2009

Customize Your Email Message Size Limit

LuxSci provides very generous limits on the maximum message size that can be sent — 200 MB for SMTP and 70 MB for WebMail.  However, some clients have a business need to restrict the maximum size of a message that they can send and receive to something much smaller.

It is straight forward to bounce inbound messages that are “too big” with a custom filter and send a custom bounce message.  However,  the filter has to be configured on a per-user basis, and doesn’t restrict outbound messages sizes.

LuxSci has a new domain configuration feature that makes it simple to restrict the maximum size of all messages that can be sent and received by all users in a domain.  The maximum encoded message size can be changed to anything between 2MB and the current system maximum of 200MB.  The maximum WebMail raw message size limit is taken to be 70MB of your configured maximum encoded size limit. (See Raw vs. Encoded Email Message Size – What’s the Difference?)

This feature is available to any client with his/her own domain name and it can be customized on a per-domain basis.

Note that currently, Premium Email Archival has a maximum encoded size limit of 30MB.  As such, all domains for all archival-enabled clients are automatically restricted to sending or receiving at most 30MB messages.  We expect that the limit for archival domains to be increased in the next month or two to match our general limit of 200MB.

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