DNS at LuxSci — Not your “Daddy’s” DNS!

May 20th, 2009

LuxSci has recently lowered its prices for DNS services [and domain registrations]. We are now cost competitive with all major DNS services offered, with the exception perhaps of the “free” ones bundled into other DNS providers’ packages.  The quality of LuxSci’s DNS service continues to far exceed that of most providers.

DNS services are often likened to the “phone books” of the Internet.  If the phone book is not available, then your email stops working and people cannot get to your web site.  Highly reliable DNS services are thus fundamental to reliable email and web sites. Yet, all too often, people choose their DNS service provider based solely on price, only to regret that decision later when things start failing — while you can change your DNS provider, it is not instantaneous and the loss to you may be unrecoverable.

LuxSci has been partnered with easyDNS for almost 10 years to provide premium DNS services for our clients.  In a recent conversation with the CEO of easyDNS, we discussed what makes easyDNS’s DNS services premium, reliable, and a cut above most other DNS providers.

Worldwide DNS Servers

easyDNS servers respond to requests from locations all over the world, including:  San Jose CA, Chicago IL, Miami FL, Ashburn VA,  Phoenix AZ, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and  London.

Regardless of the location of the individuals sending you email or accessing your web site, DNS servers in Asia, Europe, or America, are close by to serve the requests.  If there are problems with the Internet backbone that affect traffic globally, there will still likely be name servers near any prospective user of your domain that will process the information needed to deliver your email or locate your website.

Not many DNS providers have this kind of global distribution … allowing your DNS services to be near to anyone who might be asking for information about your domain.


easyDNS uses “anycast strands” to provide high reliability and a fast response.  With “Anycast” one DNS name server is actually represented by many different servers in different locations all over the world.  When someone requests DNS information for your domain, they are automatically directed to the nearest DNS server.

Anycast has another very good side effect — anyone who is attacking the DNS servers (i.e. via a Denial of Service Attack) will only be able to attack those servers close to them … all other servers would be invisible to the attacker, unaffected, and would serve your DNS quite normally.

DNS services that use anycast are rare and are usually quite expensive.  For example, UltraDNS starts at $15.00/month and goes up depending on how many people ask for information about your domain.  Comparable DNS services for $0.99/mo at LuxSci (which is also much less than easyDNS’ retail price) becomes very attractive.

Prolexic Technologies

In addition to normal anycast strands, easyDNS uses Prolexic Technologies for some of its name servers.  This technology is designed to protect the services using it from distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).  While such attacks are rare, they do happen and it is comforting to know that your DNS service provider can survive them!

What DNS Services Do You Have?

Recognizing that DNS is the foundation on which your Internet business is built, shouldn’t you make sure that the email and websites on which your business depends upon for sales are supported by a high quality DNS provider?    Who provides your DNS services?  Where are their servers?  Do they use anycast?  How resilient will your DNS be if the Internet backbone has issues or if they are subject to a denial of service attack?  Can you call your DNS’ support team and speak with a technician?

Consider LuxSci and LuxSci-easyDNS DNS services.